Wireless smoke detector – working Principal and Installation Process



In recent times, people have used smoke alarms provided with a single sensor to detect fire. Smoke is produced in various forms in our daily life. So a single sensor cannot be relied upon to detect fire. With accelerated advances in Internet technology, people are now capable to monitor their houses remotely to know the current condition of the house. A wireless smoke detector is an intelligent smoke alarm system.

Working Principal

It uses ZigBee transmission technology to establish a wireless network. It uses the random forest to detect smoke and E-charts for data visualization. By combined real-time dynamic changes of most environmental factors, alarm accuracy and controllability is much more than a traditional smoke alarm. Also, the visibility of data allows a user to monitor the room environment more innate.

The system is comprising a detection module, a wireless communication module along with quick detection and data visualization module. Presently, the collected environmental data can be classified into four conditions, normal air, water mist, kitchen cooking, and fire smoke. Minimizing any miscalculations also ensures the better safety of the person and property of the user. 

Drawback of Traditional smoke detector

The wide acceptance of sensing technologies in our routine living environments and extensive usage of mobile devices provides a greater opportunity for the distribution of smoke alarms. Currently, traditional smoke alarms mainly consisting of sensor modules, transmission lines, and monitors, and each of these components is connected to a sensor module.

Thus, there comes a problem with the accuracy and timeliness of the traditional alarm system. Any kind of wrong information about the fire alarm due to moisture, oil smoke, or any other signal results in unnecessary losses to people. People may not afford to come from long distances for the sake of any misinformation and wrong alarm.

Where to Buy Smart Smoke Detectors

Wireless smoke detectors are being offered at many different home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, consumer electronics stores such as Best Buy, etc. Many online retailers including Amazon also provide this system. Some household goods stores carry smart smoke detectors, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Installing Smart Smoke Detectors

The installation process of these Wireless smoke detectors greatly depends on whether they are battery-powered or hard-wired. It is easy to install battery-powered smart smoke detectors as they can simply be mounted on any wall or ceiling just like any other item such as a painting or decorative shelf. 

If you have to install multiple smart smoke detectors, it is good to insert the batteries in all of them and perform prior testing and pairing before mounting them on the wall. However, for testing and pairing, the device will guide you through step-by-step instructions to be followed. 

Hard-Wired smart smoke detectors, on the other hand, require you to turn off the electric supply to your home at the breaker box. During this, you remove your old hard-wired traditional smoke detectors and connect your wireless smoke detector following a set of instructions. Its easy!


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