Why Spectrum Customers Love the Service


Spectrum, being one of the greatest Internet Service Providers, has been able to build on its brand thanks to its customers. Its own headline boasts, The First Choice of America, and rightfully so. With its brilliant packages, and reasonable prices, not to mention the exceptional customer service who wouldn’t be satisfied? Let’s give you guys a more detailed picture of what Spectrum is and why it comes highly recommended.

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum’s Internet Services are available across 46 states in the US, with several internet plans and packages. The reason why it is the most preferred one is that apart from reasonable prices, it has virtually no data caps and provides a very reliable internet connection for your home. 

Their packages are designed to meet specific needs, so that you don’t end up paying extra for excess services that you won’t utilize. They mostly include a very generous download speed, and are sometimes bundled with their Spectrum TV and Telephone services too.

Spectrum TV & Telephone

Bringing over 125 channels to your television, Spectrum offers a little something special for their Latino clientele; Spanish channels in HD! Another reason why they’re a very beloved service is that they cater to not just the general American population but pay special attention to the Latino community as well.

Welcome to the world of HD, where you don’t necessarily need to have the fanciest flat screen on the market; so whether you have a regular LCD TV or an Android TV, it really doesn’t matter because they both can allow high definition streaming. Moreover, Spectrum cable has the option of Parental Control, which would come in handy given the sensitive content these days. 

Also, what other cable provider offers a 30-Day money-back guarantee? Well, Spectrum does! Yup, call it a trial period so you can check the Spectrum Cable services and quality for yourself before subscribing to any package. 

They have several cable TV packages that come paired with their other two services; internet and telephone connection. So you can enjoy over 125, 140, and even 200 channels with high-speed internet, and numero telefonico that provides you 24/7 Customer Support in Espanol. 

Spectrum’s Telephone comes with over two dozen features apart from its great international and national calling features, but this service, like all of the rest at Spectrum, requires no contract. Don’t fret over any termination charges if you want to discontinue the Spectrum Telephone services in the future! The features of Spectrum Telephone are some you would’ve never thought of. It includes blocking anonymous calls, which includes any number whether national or international that you personally want to block. It also includes a Do Not Disturb feature, call forwarding, setting up a backup phone, and something called VIP Ring, among many others. Cool right? This is your telephone just by the way, not your smartphone.

Now tell us why you wouldn’t want to subscribe to any of Spectrum’s amazing packages? Because this is brilliant.

Customer Service

Rating this with 5 stars because Spectrum’s customer service is hands-on! They provide assistance 24/7, and plenty more value-added services that come with the price you pay for Spectrum. Whether you have questions about billing, your current package in use, or want to switch up your internet plan, just call 1-855-423-0918, or if you would like to speak to a Spanish speaking customer representative, call 1-844-487-2710. All customer representatives are trained and experts at getting you spectacular packages that match your needs.


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