Why Must I Put My Main Keywords in the Title Naturally?


When making an optimized piece of content, it is necessary to include the main keywords in your title. When someone searches for a keyword, the results show the topic title and a short meta description. (Which should also include the main keywords)

While this is true, it is possible to include your main keywords incorrectly. If you shove your keywords into the title randomly, the resulting title will sound unnatural.

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Dangers of Unnatural Content

Have you ever wondered why people don’t just use a content generator tool and post lots of content in a short time? The reason is that these tools make content that is optimized but not humanized.

Two potential dangers come from this kind of content, whether it is computer-generated or just poorly written. The first danger is for people to read your title and find it strange. They may think that the whole post will probably be uninteresting, just because of the strangely worded title.

Another danger is that Google’s web crawlers may assume that your content is spam because of the stuffed keywords. This will cause you to get blacklisted, meaning that your page will not show up on any searches, no matter what.

Include the Keywords Before Forming the Title

You should know what keywords you are using before you even start writing the post. Try to include the keyword in the title you come up with ahead of time. This way, your title is more likely to sound interesting. Don’t just shove the keyword wherever it fits. Give it some thought and make it a part of the title.

The same goes for the rest of your post. When including keywords, try to add them to sentences as you go, rather than including them after you’re done. The resulting content will sound far more interesting and fluid.

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