Why is Pukhraj useful for you?

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Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is powered by the planet Jupiter and is among the most sought-after stones among the revered Navratna stones mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. Also known as Pushkaraj, Peetmani, Push Raja and Kanakapushyaragam stone promises progress and riches to the wearer. You can buy pukhraj online because of its astrological utility as well as its beauty. Ambitious people find the stone to be extremely useful because it energizes the wearer to take the right decisions and move ahead. 

Here are some of the many reasons why Pukhraj ring online can work wonders for you.

The Pukhraj stone promotes not just ambition but also good health, knowledge, better relationships and an overall well-being for the wearer. The birth charts will have to be considered for the purpose. So, it is best to get the charts checked by a qualified and professional astrologer. If Jupiter is not in a favourable position in your charts then wearing the same can be highly useful. 

Yellow sapphire has been known to help improve the wearer’s financial status. If you looking for respect, prosperity and honour then, the stone will also help in achieving the same. 

People who are facing a tough time in marriage are also likely to see improvements after wearing the stone. Whether it is love or marriage the sapphire is likely to show definite signs of progress and removal of issues. If you are seeking to have children then also wearing the yellow sapphire can be quite beneficial. 

It also has a number of health benefits. It is known to be helpful with jaundice, heart troubles, insomnia, ulcer, gastritis, rheumatism and more. 

How to recognise the stone?

Getting hold of an original pukhraj stone is no mean feat. It is best if you simply go straight to an astrologer or a renowned jewellery shop to buy the stone. Ensure that you check the originality certificate before paying for the stone. The gemstone is quite shiny but might contain water inside it. So, you should check it carefully against the light for anomalies. An original stone is usually transparent and quite heavy when held in hand. Ideally, you should keep the stone soaked in milk for 24 hours to see if there is any change in its brightness. If not, then the stone is an original. The stone is usually yellow in colour but sometimes the shades may differ depending on the area from where it is found. 

How to wear

The yellow sapphire should be worn in the index finger of your hand on a Thursday. You should wear it in gold. Ensure that the lower part of the gemstone touches your skin. The stones access the power of the planets which govern each of the stones. When they remain in touch with the skin the power is transferred to the wearer of the stone. The pukhraj should be worn after purifying it in holy water. It is best to still consult an astrologer before actually wearing the stone. 


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