What are the benefits of having a platform ladder?


While work platforms have many advantages, they all fit into the three main benefit categories. Security, productivity and finance are the three main categories. These three main categories are interconnected. Working safely for long periods increases productivity due to short-term losses due to injuries. Increased productivity usually means lower costs per unit of production. The low cost per unit of production usually leads to financial gain. Financial benefits, in turn, allow for a larger security budget. Accordingly, the benefits of using the work platform impact each of the other two categories.

Security benefits

The platform ladder is a safety solution for workers who need to reach the ground regularly. Without using a work platform, the worker may resort to unacceptable practices that may result in injury or even death. For example, instead of getting a rolling ladder from a storage location, an employee may use a nearby chair or table to reach a higher location. While doing so, the table or chair bends, and the worker falls and is damaged. If there is a dedicated work platform, the worker does not need to go for a rolled ladder and is not tempted to use a chair or table.

Work platforms are built to industry standards, so they are easy to use and have built-in security features. Typical work platforms built into the safety facility may include handrails, middle rails, toe boards, special threads, soft stair tilting, removable chains at the top and bottom of the stairs, devices, and special areas dedicated to bright colours. Businesses will benefit in the long run through safety training in the use of business platforms, resulting in injury even if they are generally safe.

Productivity benefits

Working platforms are best for improving productivity. For example, consider the situation is shown above, where the worker has to get a rolling ladder from the storage area to reach the elevated position. Productivity time is lost when workers go up the stairs. The worker moves the ladder to the place where most of the time he needs is lost. More time is lost after the work is completed when the worker returns the ladder to the storage location. There is also the added possibility of “chit chat” with any other work during the movement of the ladder and from the storage location.

Suppose the worker has a dedicated work platform to reach the elevated position. In that case, it takes as much time to move the rolling ladder to the storage location, the time it takes to move the rolling ladder to the workplace, and the time it takes to return to the rolling ladder storage location. You will save time. At the same time, the chances of an employee having a “chit chat” are very low.

Financial benefits

Time is money in most jobs and can save money by using work platforms, improving speed, efficiency and safety. The work platform is convenient and safe and can also reduce the time spent on risk assessment and other tools, such as scaffolding or rolling stairs. The use of the work platform may also require fewer employees and thus lead to the realization of savings on labour costs. Of course, financial savings due to injury reduction or elimination must be considered and measured in thousands of dollars. You can view products by visiting equip2go.com.au.


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