Used Golf Course Mowers and Guide to Invest In Them


Golf course maintenance is a task of high precision and also requires expensive equipment. It’s not just about trimming grass to give a pleasant look. Golf courses are meant for playing games so the terms need to be perfect from every corner. It is the duty of a golf course captain to keep the turf height from tee box to roughs at a uniform level exactly as per the requirement of the game. In order to make it to work, a complete fleet of equipment such as mowers, dethatchers, aerators and dressers is required. Along with grass maintenance, equipment for proper cleaning, bunker’s sand alignment, irrigation and transportation are also required. Currently, the average maintenance budget of a golf course is around $750,000. If you want a smart idea to escape from this substantial investment, find a pre-owned golf course equipment seller. Let’s understand this business in detail. 

Who are the used golf course equipment sellers? 

Used turf equipment also has a good reputation in the market if you are buying them from a certified seller. There are local and online agencies supplying turf equipment of different brands. If you manage to find such a kind of seller, it is advisable to search only for top brand equipment like John Deere or Jacobson golf course mowers only. They will have numerous options in a single category of equipment. A certified seller also commits to a limited warranty against any kind of malfunctioning due to technical fault. 

Crucial Factors to consider while buying

  1. When you buy used turf equipment, check its manufacturing date and visit the official site to gather some information. It is advisable to contact manufacturers and ask whether the model is still in production or discontinued? Finding spare parts for discontinued models is very difficult. 
  2. Don’t buy anything that looks cheaper. First of all, figure out the equipment that exactly fits your needs. For instance, there will be different types of golf course mowers available for sale. Do you need a mower or a rotary or reel mechanism? How many blade attachments will be enough to serve the purpose. These are some important things to remember before making an investment. 
  3. Are you able to assess the nearest authorized service stations or not? Sometimes, even the branded used turf equipment goes useless if you cannot find certified service providers conveniently. The list of service centers must be available on the official websites of manufacturers. 
  4. Have you read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully? If not, reconsider your decision. Make sure that the seller is ready to repair and refund for free in case of any technical fault. Its duration must be at least 3 months. 
  5. Don’t forget to check the working hours of used equipment because some aggressively used equipment looks fine from the outside. The equipment may work fine during the trial session but worn out internal parts will deceive you anytime. 

Always remember these crucial points while approaching used golf course equipment sellers. It would be better if they are offering a free home delivery service. 


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