Top 10 WiFi Plans with No Lock-in Contract


With the NBN having too many issues, people are hesitating on getting 12-month or 24-month lock-in contracts with NBN plans.  This is because some of these telcos do not meet the needs of the consumers in terms of services and installation costs, aside from not falsely advertising and promising speed that they could barely meet. Although there are broadband suppliers who deliver better speed, value, and overall satisfaction for the consumers, there might still be doubts whether this kind of service will stay the same in the next year or so.  And so, if you haven’t found the plan that’s perfect for you, it would be great to grab WiFi internet plans with no lock-in contact.

Here are the top 10 WiFi Plans that we found with no lock-in contacts:

  • Superloop
  • Telstra
  • Aussie Broadband
  • Belong
  • Dodo
  • Tangerine
  • iiNet
  • Internode
  • TPG
  • Optus

These telcos offer different plans and packages, however, there are a few catches, such as high set-up costs, modem fees which are normally free or bundled for lock-in plans, and of course, higher monthly fees.

Now, not everyone suits a no-contract plan.  Some people may seem comfortable with the rates being offered when they sign a lock-in contract.  If you belong to the following categories, then a no-contract NBN might suit you just fine:

  • Renter – If you are a renter or you are only in town for a work assignment or for some business deals, then this will definitely suit you considering that your stay may be short-term and your tenure is unsure.
  • Good-deals – You might be the type who likes to get into great deals, so if you lock-in and a good deal from another telco comes along, you might be missing this opportunity.
  • Freedom – If you wish to have the freedom to switch from one plan to another and commitments demanded by lock-in contracts make you uncomfortable, then you should get a no-contract plan.
  • Trying out different providers – Can’t decide which broadband provider to choose?  Avoid getting a lock-in deal so you can try out each telco and find the one that really suits you.
  • Internet speed – Perhaps you have not decided yet what type of plan you’re getting since you are uncertain about how much speed you might need.  Then don’t sign on contracts yet until you can ascertain which kind of speed or service you are comfortable with
  • Budget – If you feel like you can’t commit to a certain budget on a monthly basis for paying your plan, then a monthly, no-contract plan is just right for you. This way you can avoid unnecessary stress when you are being forced to pay, and also avoid destroying your credit.

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There are so may providers offering different kinds of solutions to our daily needs, the question lies on which really fits you comfortably in all aspects.  By taking a good look and comparing their packages and offerings while matching them with your current status, you will be able to find the right one for you.


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