Tips To Successfully Deliver On Clients Satisfaction

Deliver On Clients Satisfaction

For a successful run as a lawyer or a legal consultant, client satisfaction is a must. However, finding clients is not easy, signing them is hard, and retaining them is even harder. The way to achieve this is to keep them satisfied. Successful lawyers and entrepreneurs such as Thomas Jakobek and Ned Gannon focus on giving more attention to their clients and they do not forget that it is harder to find new clients than to retain those that they already have. Lawyers are often chasing new clients and forget to pay attention to the ones they already have. If the client would feel neglected, why would he want to stay? Therefore, it is crucial to let them know that you care.

Below are ways to deliver on clients’ satisfaction and ensure that they keep coming to you every time.

1. COMMUNICATION – To keep your clients happy, Tom Jakobek Toronto always communicates with them. Whatever measures the firm defines to communicate with the client, ensure that your client knows about them. Keep deadlines in mind and try to avoid any misunderstandings as soon as possible.

2. USE TECHNOLOGY – A most common reason for misunderstandings between a client and lawyer is the costs and billing. Use time tracking and billing software to let the client understand that you are not charging anything extra. In addition, let them trust you that they are being charged fairly.

3. HIRE SUPPORT TEAM – An attorney cannot be present to receive every call while working on other cases. This may lead clients to feel neglected and ignored. To avoid this, you need to hire a support team to assure the client that you will reach them as soon as you have time.

4. BUILD PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP – Try to know your clients at a personal level, such as important people in their life, their interests, their goals, etc. Treat them as your friend and socialize. This builds a relationship of trust and keeps them satisfied because they believe in you. 

5. KEEP CHECKING IN – It makes them believe in you if you show them that you care about their business as well as them. Frequently check in on them over the phone and pay a visit to their workplace once a month or two to develop deeper relationships.

6. ASK AND DO NOT ASSUME – In case any question arises regarding the personal choices of the client, it is better to ask than to assume. Ask them how they prefer to communicate and how frequently they want to meet in person. It minimizes the risk of future disputes.

7. EMPATHIZE – Empathy is the greatest way to tune in the satisfaction, especially when you are a legal advisor. Legal issues are critical, and at such times, clients need someone who can understand what they are going through. Listen to what they want to say, and sometimes you will have to say what they want to hear.


A client’s satisfaction is the essential thing for a lawyer to focus on. Be present at all times and never let them feel neglected. Keep tending to your clients’ needs and let them know you appreciate them and care for them.


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