Tips to Ace CBSE Class 12 Biology Exam


For students belonging to the Science stream of CBSE board in higher secondary education, Biology is one among the important subjects. At times, it may seem like an easy subject, and sometimes it can get tough if a proper study is not done timely. The NCERT textbooks prescribed by the CBSE are the best resources for learning concepts of any subject. In fact, these textbooks are considered the best study material for students to build a strong foundation in the subject as well as for school and board exam preparations. Moreover, NCERT textbooks provide simple, precise and on point explanations to all fundamental and critical concepts. It also comprises intext and exercise questions to test students for their intellect, reasoning and conceptual understanding to strengthen knowledge in the subject.

It’s crucial for students to be aware of the complete syllabus framed by the CBSE for the subject before kickstarting preparation. The syllabus of Class 12 Biology is slightly vast, and hence students might feel difficult to brush through main topics in a short span before the exam. But, after going through the full syllabus students attain a clear view of the important topics that have more mark weightage or the most expected for the exam. Learning the basic and complex concepts from the beginning will be extremely hard, time-consuming and exhaustive to do just before exams. Hence, students will need a reliable study material to learn all these at ease.

It’s highly recommended that along with the NCERT textbooks, students also use NCERT Solutions of BYJU’s to comprehend complex concepts and understand the various methods of answering the exercise questions efficiently. These resources are handy as they provide detailed solutions, elaborate explanations to concept-based questions with descriptive and diagrams wherever needed. Further, all the answers are curated by an expert faculty team having vast knowledge and experience in the subject.

Preparation tips for scoring high marks in CBSE Class 12 Biology examination:

1. Create a proper study plan

After having an overview of the syllabus for the exam, students should create a solid study plan to cover all the fundamentals and complex concepts. Make sure that the plan is time-bound and achievable. Also, allocate time for revision as this helps students investigate their weaker areas and work on them to improve their overall performance in the exam.

2. Complete reading the NCERT textbook thoroughly

Reading the NCERT textbook is very essential as it provides clear explanations of concepts and lays a solid foundation for the subject. Many questions from the NCERT textbook have appeared in the final board exam so many times over the past years. Hence, thorough learning and solving of NCERT textbook questions are crucial to attend exams confidently. Moreover, NCERT textbooks also help students to prepare for various competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

3. Solve previous year question papers and sample papers

These help students in getting familiar with various question paper patterns for the exam. Besides, students can improve vital skills like problem-solving and time management skills when solving more of these papers.

4. Focus on drawing neat diagrams

As the subject demands more diagrammatic representations along with theoretical explanations, students must put in a lot of effort and time in practising to draw diagrams neat and fast. This also aids in fetching the minimum or full marks for all the diagram related questions.

Students following the tips mentioned above will definitely outperform others by scoring excellent marks in the CBSE Biology exam. The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Biology can be utilised by students to learn the fundamental and intricate concepts at ease effectively. All the solutions are made available in both online and offline modes for free to provide a smooth learning experience for the students.


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