The Best Biscotti to Stock Up This Festive Season


Cookies were essentially from Persia. They attained this significant recognition and popularity after it made headway in Italy and were loved and celebrated by Italians. Baking is synonymous with Italian culture and cuisine; baking cookies fell right into this culture and thus got adopted quite easily.

With many festive occasions coming up this November & December, it’s good to stock your pantries with as many Italian biscotti cookies as you can. You can easily avail of these Italian biscotti online from reliable Italian food stores that can deliver to your doorstep during the festive season. 

A traditional Italian biscotti is a dough formed into logs that are baked and cooled down, which is then baked again in different slices. Italians often use the word ‘biscotti’ to refer to a variety of different types of cookies. However, Americans use the same rem to describe long, twice-baked, crisp, but sophisticated.

Here are some of the best Italian biscotti cookies you should look out for: 

  1. Gocciole Cookies with Drops of Chocolate – Gocciole cookies is a crumby short pastry with pure chocolate, making them chocolate drips – the shortbread with multiple chocolate drops. These Gocciole cookies can ideally be consumed after being soaked in milk. The cookies are made using wheat flour, sugar, chocolate chips, sunflower oil, salt, vanilla flavoring, and contains sesame seed, eggs, and traces of nuts.
  2. Amaretti Crisp Cookies Macaroons Vintage Tin – If you’re a fan of vintage biscotti, you should definitely try the Amaretti crisp cookie macaroons that come in a vintage tin to commemorate the vintage recipe and love for culture and taste. Not only does it have a crunchy but tender texture. As per Italian tradition, it is truly a sweet treat for one and all. 
  3. Traditional Italian Cantucci Dark Chocolate & Almonds Cookies – Traditional Italians look fragrant cookies made using selected, high-quality ingredients. This touch of Italy would make you feel like you’ve instantly transported to Italy and are seeking enjoyment in almonds and chocolate. In fact, you can crush them and use them as toppings on ice cream or frozen yogurt. 
  4. Paradiso Puff Pastry with Raspberry Fruit Filling – Are you looking for a fruity jam among the puffy pastry buttery deliciousness? The delicateness of the raspberry filling automatically enriches the richness of these puff pastry crunches. It is made using wheat flour, raspberry filling, sugar, butter, vegetable margarine, and all other natural flavorings used.
  5. Quadratini Cream Filling Wafers – Are you interested in getting yourself the freshness and the fruity flavor summed up in a cube shape? This four-layer yumminess with a smooth yogurt cream is extremely light and crispy – a perfect snack for a crunch light snack. In fact, the flavors come in coconut cream filling, matcha green tea cream, blueberry-yogurt cream, raspberry-yogurt cream, cappuccino cream, cocoa & milk cream filling, lemon cream filling, tiramisu cream filling, vanilla cream filling, chocolate cream filling, lemon cream filling, dark hazelnut cream filling, and dark chocolate cream filling. The ingredients used are truly Italian and luxurious, and aromatic. They are unbelievably delicious and crispy. 

These different types of biscotti are perfect for any occasion, but especially for those festive days. Kids and adults equally love Italian biscotti cookies. They can be eaten as is, with other sweet treats or in ice creams as mentioned earlier or with drinks. Some of the best Italian biscotti to get yourself is a Sapori almond biscotti Toscani, which everyone will love to consume. Give it a try today & you will enjoy every moment of consuming Italian biscotti. 


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