Reasons Why You Need to Book a Proxgy for Errands

Reasons Why You Need to Book a Proxgy for Errands
Reasons Why You Need to Book a Proxgy for Errands

Due to the pandemic, people all over the world are struggling to manage a reality in which self-isolation has become the new standard. The number of social interactions has decreased, and virtual has replaced physical. People, on the other hand, have a propensity to find solutions to the most difficult of problems, and the present condition has been seen as an obstacle that everyone is willing to overcome.

Although the pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, it has also given the virtual and digital world a significant boost. Virtual reality, a rapidly growing technology, has resurfaced among the general public as a concept that can be used to perform even the most mundane tasks on a daily basis.

Running errands is one thing that has given everyone a lot of trouble during the pandemic. Buying groceries, going to the bank, picking up parcels, delivering a package, walking the dog, paying the bills, etc. – all took a hit. This is when errand running services came to the rescue, making the world truly acknowledge the role of technology in modern errand-running.

Advances in technology have progressed to the point that they can solve even the tiniest of issues. Your errands are also on the list. All you have to do is grab your smartphone and download apps like Proxgy, which are more than happy to assist you in completing tasks using virtual reality.

The simple process of buying groceries is a clear example of how technology is changing the way we run errands. There was just one way to do it before. Get in the car and drive to a grocery store, walk up and down the various aisles, select the items you want, and pay for your purchases at the checkout counter.

However, now that smartphones are available, you can easily open an app associated with your favourite grocery store and place an order as well as pay for your products on the spot. If you want to pick up your order yourself, the app will notify you when it is ready for pickup. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

The convenience factor, of course, attracts busy people to these facilities. Another point worth mentioning is the increasing number of elderly customers, mostly senior citizens, who rely on these apps and find it simple to place delivery or pick-up requests. This is why apps like Proxgy, which promise to run your errands for you, have come to the fore. Whether it’s picking up food, walking your dog, dropping your clothes off at the dry cleaners, mailing a message, or doing minor bank transactions, all you have to do is book your Proxgy and allow your virtual avatar to run your errands for you, from the comfort of your home or office.

Your Proxgy, or your virtual avatar, uses smart helmets which function via an immersive 360-degree camera technology. This gives you access to a real-time view of the surroundings as your task is carried out. With Proxgy, you save your time and energy – which makes you free to do all the other things that are on your priority list – as well as your money.

All you need to do is log on to the Proxgy user app, click on Proxgy for Errands and you’re all set! Your virtual avatar will be assigned to you immediately and you will be able to interact with him/her in real-time.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and book your Proxgy now!


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