Reasons why a Flat is Better than a House


Wondering if a flat is better than a house? For first time home-buyers, the decision between choosing a house and a flat can be quite difficult. While houses offer a greater area and openness, flats certainly come with modern amenities and less maintenance pressure. In addition, the flats in Dwarka Mor and Mohan Garden offer a range of other facilities to the clients. 

What Makes a Flat Better than a House?

As per our studies, a flat is better than a house. To help you decide better, we have compiled a list of reasons. Here are those.

  • Affordability

The major plus point that makes a flat better than a house is its affordability. When compared to one of the flats in Mohan Garden, a house is more expensive. You can easily avail a 2 BHK flat within 30 lakhs while a house with the same area would cost you 35lakhs +.

Thus, for first time home buyers or anyone with a decent budget, we suggest you go for a flat. 

  • Fewer Maintenance Costs

Another feature that certainly answers the question as to why a flat is better than a house is the low maintenance costs. If you live in any of the flats in Dwarka Mor, you would know for sure how cheap the maintenance costs are. Moreover, apart from personal maintenances, the building complexes charge a very nominal fee every year for maintenance.

On the other hand, if you have a house, you have to be responsible for every damage and repair. This is hectic for a working professional.

  • Readily Available

Modern home buyers are highly interested in buying flats. Because of this huge demand, more and more building projects are coming up. As a result, you can easily find a flat, whether 1, 2 or 3 BHK wherever you need.

On the other hand, finding a decent house in a good locality that is budget-friendly too, is an issue. 

  • Comes with Modern Amenities

Another great feature that makes a flat better than a house is the availability of modern amenities. Modern flats, such as the flats in Mohan Garden come with a plethora of modern amenities and features such as lifts, fire-safety systems; Wi-Fi enabled complexes, gyms and many more. 

Houses on the other hand are devoid of such features. You have to pay individually for each setup, be it Wi-Fi or gym. Also, most houses in the cities don’t have large spaces. Thus a garden is nearly impossible except that of a balcony or roof-top garden.

  • Ease of Resaleability

Most flats in Delhi, including the flats in Dwarka Mor, are situated in prime locations. This makes them a popular choice among customers. As a result, you can easily sell your flat and earn a decent return on investment through it.

However, in the case of houses, finding a buyer is not easy. Chances are either the buyers wouldn’t like the locality of the house. Thus, to be on the safer side, buying a flat is the best option.

  • Available with Exciting Offers

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