Reasons To Ship With Custom Poly Mailer Bags And Their Benefits


E-commerce has emerged like fire in the volcano. Once it came into the market, it never stopped. There are millions of e-comm sites available presently all across the world, and why? Because shopping has never been as easy and as enjoyable as with online stores. Online shopping provides an ease to the customers, as well as the sellers to reach out to more audiences. But everything needs to be perfect if you want to shine on an e-comm platform. The services, quality, price and the packaging must be up to the consumers’ expectations. Why is packaging out of all ‘the importance,’ you ask? From creating a brand identity to securing the product inside, what not a custom poly mailer bag can do? If you haven’t been using these bags, you need to know why you should use them and how they can benefit you. 

Why must you use poly mailer bags?

  1. They are affordable

As a business, everything ends at the point of gaining profits. You do not want to invest in something that does not benefit you. Using custom poly mailer bags comes with the most significant advantage of affordability. Poly mailer bags do not take a lot out of your budget but are an excellent packaging method. The mailer boxes of similar size can cost you $1.25, while a poly mailer bag costs only $0.25. These can even be cheaper if you buy them in bulk. 

  1. Space savers

When shipping products, the mailer boxes can take up a lot of space while the bags do not. You can even overload the truck with mailer bags, and they can fit easily. Custom poly mailer bags also do not create a rush while packaging. You cannot pack and set the boxes aside in a hurry as they may get damaged, but that’s not the issue with poly bags. You do not need to take much time to assemble them as they can fit anywhere.

  1. They are easy to customize

It is understood how branding is essential to increase traffic. Using custom poly mailer bags is an effective way to do so. The good part is, poly mailers are easy to design and customize. They are cheaper than the customized boxes, plus you get more design options. 

Benefits of using custom poly mailers

  • Variety

Shipping poly mailers are available in different varieties and are great for soft shipping materials, documents or apparel. You can also get bubble mailers to ship fragile items. 

  • Branding and advertising

The custom poly mailer bags offer a compelling opportunity to advertise your brand. Customized poly bags catch consumer’s attention, and you stand out from your competitors. It also lets more and more people know about your brand and leads to business growth. More often, consumers like to store these bags carefully to reuse in the future. The brand name on the bag keeps retaining the customers about your store. 


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