Parameters to choose a convex mirror for an industry


When it comes to choosing a convex mirror there are lots of variations, features, and options to take note of. In this article, we will check out some of the basic properties you need to have in convex mirrors when installing them in your industries.

Outdoor mirrors should be durable and weather-resistant

Outdoor mirrors have a problem and that is they are prone to the vagaries of weather. Dust and rain are two of the biggest problems for convex mirrors.

It is in dusty areas and high rainfall areas that the image quality may not be clear and become hazy leading to accidents. This is why the mirror quality of a convex mirror especially one that is fitted outside has to be good enough.

Providing a quality view with better image quality

The quality of the image has to be very clear. When you check out the image qualities of a standard or average convex mirror and a high-quality convex mirror you will find that the difference.

Just by looking you can see that there is a significant difference in the image quality formed in the two mirrors. The image in the higher quality convex mirror is very high, sharp, and focused.

This is because of the perfect cutting of the mirror ad having a pinpoint focus.

Wider angle of view giving a wider hind view

The wider the angle of view the better it is. Of course the wider the view of the hind mirror the lesser will be the chances of an accident.

You can get a wider image of the rear. But remember that the size of the images should not get distorted or wider.

UV antiglare protective layer

A UV ray antiglare protective layer on the convex mirrors is especially required if it is being used as an outdoor mirror. The better the quality of the convex mirror the better will be the quality of the antiglare layer and the longer it will last.

But remember that even the best quality of convex mirrors will need maintenance of the antiglare layers as these get damaged and soiled away over time.

Flexible to turn at any angles

The convex mirror holder is made of a flexible polycarbonate film. Thus it can be easily turned or bent along its axis to a specified angle to get the best hind view. Generally, the best quality convex mirrors can be bent up to 90 degrees.


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