Meaning and Importance of Guard Patrolling System


Security of the systems of the organizations is extremely important because we cannot have a complete interest on the manual systems of the organization. The manual power of the organization can control it only to a certain extent. There are many incidents of burglary that can be seen every now and then. There is not only manipulation of the accounts of the company if wrong people enter the organization but there are many other goof ups that can happen with respect to inventory, equipment, etc. There are many large organizations that have a workforce of about ten thousand employees, and it is very difficult to monitor the activity of each and every individual at a given point of time. Guard patrolling system involves making casual checks at the given check points by the guard after a certain period of time. Patrolling means taking a round or roaming around in order to see that if everything is working in place.

There are many security measures that are incorporated in a company over a period of time. That practice has clearly evolved over a period of time. Earlier there were only identity checks of the employees that were entering in the organization but it is very easy to fake an identity card so there can be chances of those foreign individuals that are entering in the organization. This is not a full proof of the individuals so one cannot really know about the right intentions of the individuals that are making an entry in the company even if the identity card is checked properly by the security guard. So there is another technique devised which is an improvement over this which is called as the QR Code scanning. The scanning of the code is done and if they are in sync with the records that are maintained by the company then it is authentic.

Then after this checking a person can make an entry in the company. But there is also software available which is called as workforce management software or scheduling software that help in better planning and organization of the system of the organization. This way the human resource department of the company can focus on other things that are in more priority and this will be a reliable means of checking the quality of work of the employees of the company.

The guard patrol system helps in knowing about the situations at various checkpoints in real time. This also helps in generating the check alerts that are required to be made by the assigned guard at a given point of time. These alerts will help in not missing out of any situation or a check point for patrolling. This will further help in preventing the unexpected incidents. This can help us in knowing and understanding the importance of such software that will help all the employees of the organization and others also in maintaining adequate safety standards.

So,security guard patrol system should be installed in large organizations in order to avoid any tough safety situations.


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