best scar removal cream
best scar removal cream

Nearly everyone in their life experiences the development of a scar on any of their body parts. Some people are even born with scars that people commonly refer to as the birthmark. Although not all scars are dangerous people still want to get rid of them, especially if it has formed on their face. This is because it becomes highly visible with time and may have an impact on their natural beauty. For such people, there is an option to buy the best scar removal cream as it helps in declining its effect and harshness.

What is a scar?: A scar is nothing but your body’s natural defense mechanism to replace the cells that have been damaged due to a minute or a serious injury. It is a thickened layer formed on the skin and is composed of fibrous tissue. Certain surgical operations or physical assertion on the skin can lead to its occurrence. Scars may vary according to their shape, size, and even color. The body part where it is located as well as the person’s age can also control the overall texture of a scar.

Types of scars: Knowing the category and distinctions of a scar is very important before the treatment begins. Here are some common varieties of a scar:

  • Keloid scars: These are formed on the location of the wound and leads to the clogging of irregular scar tissues. The size of the scar is even bigger than the wound itself as it spreads with time. The spreading of the scar happens due to the production of collagen by the body. The scars are more common in people with dark skin. 
  • Hypertrophic scars: Although these are not as big as keloid scars it is also highly visible due to its thickened and raised nature. It does not go beyond the boundary of the wounded region. The scars take a lot of time to form and may take years before showing their original symptoms. Steroids are the best way to treat this type of scar.
  • Contractures: These occur mainly due to the injury of large parts of the skin. The edges of the injured skin tighten up to form a deep and dark spot. These may affect the physical movement of your body.

Ways to minimize it: Doctors may decide your scar treatment after analyzing your age as well as health conditions. It must be kept in mind that these treatment methods can only dissolve its contrast to a certain extent and not fully remove it. Methods such as dermabrasion are used to peel out the upper layer of the affected skin. With time it heals and the visibility of the scar dwindles. Certain chemical solutions are also applied to the skin to exfoliate the layers and let them regenerate on their own. In extreme cases, the doctors may suggest you do radiation therapy if your bodysuits the process. While the treatment continues you can apply the best scar removal cream to fasten the overall process. 


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