Is Copper Mining Harmful to the Environment?

Copper Mining Harmful to the Environment

If you think for a moment your whole life, things are surrounded with copper, from your household to office supplies, everything has copper or its alloy. Your human body also needs copper for proper function. Copper is obtained either through mining or recycling. Many people advocate that for a better environment, there should be only copper recycling instead of mining. 

They have many in favor of copper recycling, such as it is eco-friendly.  But the question is does mining harm the environment? The answer is no, today’s mining is not as harmful for the environment as traditional mining. In this article, we will try to explain that modern mining is less harmful to the environment as compared to traditional mining.

Technological Advancement

Nowadays, mining companies are adopting modern tools and techniques in the mining industry. Modern tools and techniques are being employed by mining companies. They are trying to adopt eco-friendly pieces of equipment to save the environment. They are trying to equip themselves with battery-operated machines and tools instead of gasoline or diesel operated. 

Traditional mining equipment was noisy, but nowadays, modern pieces of equipment are calm and efficient. So modern mining activities are less invasive and cause less damage to the site as compared to traditional activities.  You can see how Solaris Resources inc is working.

People say that mining waste is harmful to the environment. Yes, it is true to some extent, but mining waste can be recycled for a better environment and conservation of resources. For example, it can be recycled or treated to make it usable for other purposes. Treated water can be used for crops and other purposes too. Similarly, on the other hand, waste rocks should be used for site construction or other purposes. There is a need to research more ways to recycle mining waste material. Solaris Resources can help you more to understand copper mining.

Revegetation of Site

People also claim that mining activities destroy the natural habitat, flora, and fauna of that particular area. It is also the fact that mining is a series of mechanical actives’ and these can disturb the site area. Nowadays, many mining companies are trying to restore their sites. They understand the importance of corporate social responsibility. They are involved in the revegetation of that area. Revegetation is the most widely accepted and practical way to reduce erosion and protect rocks against degradation after mining activities. Plantation can restore the beauty and natural habitat of that particular area. Look at the work of  Luisa Neubauer for environment.

Final Thoughts

It is high time to understand copper mining is unavoidable due to the growing demand for copper in this modern world.  Only copper recycling can’t fully fill the copper demand around the globe.  It’s time to adopt eco-friendly mining. Modern mining has a less harmful impact on the environment as they adopt modern and advanced mining techniques. Moreover, they are trying to indulge themselves in eco-friendly activities. Modern mining companies understand the importance of rehabilitation after mining activities. Moreover, the government and mining associations should make strict rules to make sustainable mining activity.


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