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Health insurance claims management software

Insurance means a policy in which one party is liable to indemnify another party in case of any contingency or loss that occurred due to reasons mentioned in the insurance deed. In consideration of the protection cover provided, the company will charge some fixed amount on a yearly or monthly basis which is termed as premium. The company assuring another party is known as the insurer while the person promised to be protected is called the insured. The insurance can be further classified as life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, and health insurance. Many companies are providing these services at the private and public level, covering various types of risks and offering a diverse range of services. However, earlier all the work in insurance companies was paper-based, but due to the digitization in the world, such companies have also created their applications to provide services like convenience, simplification, 24*7 facility, easy to understand,  fast claim management, and transparency. Here, we will discuss the aspects of health insurance and its services being provided through apps. Moreover, under health insurance, the insurance company is liable to compensate for the loss in health due to illness, accident, hospitalization and they provide claims based on hospital bills or pay lump sum amount in case of serious disease.

Health Insurance Apps are providing below mentioned services:-

  • Illness or Diseases:-Under this, the health cover is provided in case of illness or accident. Companies provide numerous covers and mention conditions when they will compensate for harm or injury to the body. It reimburses for illnesses like typhoid, dengue, chronic disease, etc. And also surgery of body parts, dental issues are included, provided conditions given in policy are fulfilled. Moreover, Hospitalization bills are checked by agents of the firm, and the client is reimbursed up to the limit set according to contract. And using insurance apps provides wide genre of benefits such as direct consumer contact with agents, premium reminder, upload bills and claim payment of expenses. Health insurance claims management software reviews and provide claims to insured.

  • Accident Cases: – Health insurance also covers the accidents which cause physical injury or loss of any limbs or body parts due to any kind of violence, unexpected incident, external forces, natural calamities etc. However, the cause of accident must be mentioned in the insurance contract because it is a promise to compensate for mentioned losses or perils only. 

This cover is similar to that of illness, and with the help of app, pictures of accident location, damaged parts, hospital bills, doctor’s prescription can be uploaded. And it is received by agent and whole claim progress report will be visible on the app. As insurance companies have to deal with number of claim cases, then compensation will be granted orderly in a serial which is apparent in the app. 

  • Employee Benefits: – Customized dashboard is available in the app, which takes user to different pages or facility tab. Health Insurance Risk Management protects the employees of the insured firm. As a fixed percentage of amounts is deducted from the gross salary of the employee so as to provide benefit in case of any health issues to the employee and his or her family. The application makes it easy to fill the details or update family members details, to cover whole family and get compensation in case of any injury, illness, accident etc .With the help of application, both employer and employees benefit owing to transparency in services. Because employees can themselves track the clams rather than relying upon the employer company to avail reimbursement of hospital bills.


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