How to Use Metal for Decorating Your Home

In today’s modern times where the industrial style becomes more and more accepted, the use of metal in the interior as well as the combination of different types of metal is becoming more and more represented in the spatial planning.

Metal is a natural material, durable and long-lasting, has an indisputable decorative quality that can create the impression of stability and strength in some space and lasts for generations, while aging does not diminish its beauty.

It is very durable, wear-resistant and easy to maintain and clean.

Metal Decorating Home

Most people do not know enough about the positive impact that metal has on the environment.

As a sustainable building material, it is a good isolator and helps conserve energy, and many items are increasingly made from recycled metals.

Metal is used in the manufacture of various elements in the interior – from candlesticks, chandeliers, lamps, vases, mirror frames, tables, beds, stairs, ceilings and many other smaller or larger pieces of furniture or details.

It is represented in very different spaces. There was a time when the use of metal was limited to bathrooms and kitchen appliances, today’s elegant and modern features are enhanced in living rooms and bedrooms.

More and more architects recognized metal as a ceiling cover, especially in commercial buildings, and the reason is excellent control of acoustics in space.

One of the simplest ways to use metal is to have frames for pictures, small sculptures, pots, vases, plates on various shelves or stalls in the apartment.

Every metal detail can be processed in different ways, because modern finishes and textures adapts the appearance of the metal element to any style in the interior.

However, it is necessary to be informed adequately about the different types of metal. Zinc, for example, looks very nice on the counter top in the kitchen and the price of installation is relatively affordable, but with time, its appearance will change and will be covered with scratches and streaks of food.

Tin is easier to maintain, but also much more expensive metal, while stainless steel is more accessible, but not scratch-resistant, especially if the Flat Pack Furniture exist in home.

The combination of metals and other materials, such as glass, marble, ceramics, is very common in spatial planning, and the combination of wood and metal is especially interesting.

In addition to the established techniques of installation and use of metal in the interior, the expected progress in the processing of this material will give an even greater choice of products for designers who are looking for a unique wall, pillar or ceiling look.

New photo voltaic coatings for metal should allow for the retention of sunlight and other energy that can be diverted at night to illuminate rooms and even entire buildings.

The new powder coatings will enable the creation of real wooden gods, so the ceilings could get a vivid look, with images of branches and clouds.
Predictions are that metallic systems in the interior could prevent moving objects during the earthquake.


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