How To Use A Vegan Shampoo Soap Bar The Right Way


As the world’s realization of the plastic problem is growing day by day, millions of us have undoubtedly started taking the initiative towards it. We all are looking for more suitable and eco-friendly alternatives, especially when it comes to our everyday products. 

At the same time, if we see, then there are plenty of best natural hair products in 2020 that are worth the hype. Amidst the list, shampoo soap bars have been something dominating.

With so many options of the firm favorite natural hair care items, you might feel overwhelmed at times. Choose a hair soap crafted with natural oils and free from chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, or SLS form. Yes, we meant something that upgrades your hair routine and gives you a wonderful shower experience. 

Else, if you have already shortlisted one on your list, then here’s something you need to know. Remember, if you are looking for the right usage tips, then there’s no big difference between using an ordinary shampoo liquid and a natural hair care bar. 

So, let’s know how to use one in routine and what else to expect further:

  • Simply take a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. 
  • Wet the shampoo soap bar and make enough lather in your hands before applying it to the hair. Otherwise, rub the bar on your hair directly to form the lather. Well, it ultimately depends on the best way it works for you. 
  • Make sure to create a fair amount of lather to wash away the extra oils, debris, and dirt well. 
  • Massage the foam within your roots while going through the lengths of hair. 
  • Wash your hair properly. Repeat the step if you feel it is required. And there you go! 

Getting That Perfect Rinse 

There are plenty of users who may recommend using something like apple cider vinegar after using a shampoo bar. Well, that is done to get rid of the leftover soap particles or the grease completely, And guess what? Doing this also gives a luxe shine to your hair. If you are doing this, then maintain a ratio of 4:1 of shampoo bar and apple vinegar, respectively. 

Once you are done washing your hair, rinse, then pat them with a towel to soak the excess dripping water. Comb through the roots to ends and leave them free for a while, like for about 15-20 minutes. Just don’t worry; the vinegar scent will fade away once your hair dries thoroughly. 

A Few More Tips to Know 

For a couple of weeks, your hair might feel a bit greasy compared to the previous condition. However, that’s completely okay as the chemical-based soaps are just meant to destroy the scalp and natural protective oils to counteract. So, if you have a natural hair product like a vegan shampoo soap bar that merely indulges your hair, then your scalp will definitely go through a period that will rebalance your hair strength while detoxing it. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to those dull, dry, and coated hair? Just pamper them with something natural and enriching, and believe us, your hair will thank you later. 


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