How to score more with the help of the CA test series?

practice questions for CFA exams

Do you know CFA? Among the many qualifications in the world, the qualification of a financial professional that shines outstandingly. As the globalization of business progresses, the number of financial professionals aiming to obtain this qualification is increasing rapidly in the world. Why CFA attracting attention is and what does CFA bring to the future of finance? 

CFA is valued around the world because it promotes the idea that stock prices, bond sellers and buyers perform fundamental analysis based on a common knowledge base and fair prices are formed in the exchange. In addition, there is trust as the basis of ethics, and if it is recognized as a fair industry that controls oneself, it can be respected, sustained and developed in the world.

At that time, if you have the basic knowledge of the world standard and can use various tools as you like, you will be able to analyze correctly, set the direction, and react accurately to the movement of the market. 

It seems that there are many people who cannot score because the CFA mock exams are often different from the regular exams because they have a wide range and problems of a different format than usual. Therefore, I will introduce the “study method for scoring in the mock exam” of seniors how to score in actual CFA tests with the help of CFA Mock Test.

Since the range of mock exams is wide, the trick is to focus on the areas where you can easily increase your score! The recommendation is a review of the “mock exams I took in the past.” Problems that are easy to concede can be increased, so if you focus on reviewing them, you will be able to increase your score.

Aim to Increase your score

It is recommended to make notes of the mock tests you are solving. Sometimes the practice questions for CFA exams have similar problems to actual one so far. So, if you review the mock exams you took in the past so that you can solve them, you can aim to increase your score!

Have you ever forgotten a word after a test, such as before the test? In order to demonstrate your abilities in the mock exam, the trick is to repeatedly tap what you have learned into your head and fix it on a daily basis.

It is recommended to do not only input but also output work. Let’s see if you can remember what you learned without looking at anything. It’s a good guide to make sure you understand what you’re doing.

Use Mock Test Series to Understand instead of Memorizing

Unlike the regular test, in the mock exam, problems to be solved by combining knowledge and a different question format may be given. To be format agnostic, it is important to “understand” formulas and grammar rather than “memorize”.

In the CFA mock exam, it is important to use what you usually learn to use it for other problems. If you look back on the questions you solved in the textbook or the regular test while being aware of the flow of the answers, you will get a higher score.


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