How To Choose The Right Nursery For Your Child?


Are you looking for a good Nursery in Preston? If yes, then this article is for you. Below, we have described some easy techniques through which a parent can choose the right daycare for their child.

Make A Decisive Decision For Their Children

The thesis “Satisfied Parents – Satisfied Child” can be helpful in this decision-making process.

In most cases, if the parents have chosen a good care facility, their child will also do well. Children are highly sensitive to the feelings, concerns, and fears of their parents and immediately feel they are handed over to the educators. The educator must make them feel safe and satisfied. Conversely, when parents feel that their child is secure and will do well in the nursery, it is easier for them to let go of their child and hand it over to their day-care centre. So, it must be like “happy child – happy parents”.

But how exactly can this satisfaction be determined? The secure feeling of giving your child trustingly in the hands of others requires closer examination and an individual clarification of the points which are personally important to you. We want to elaborate on some of them here:

Decision-Making Aspects

What is important to parents?

It is helpful for the decision-making process to specifically deal with the question of personal ideas with regard to childcare as well as additional offers of the daycare centre.

Possible decision-making aspects are:

  • Sponsor (public or independent sponsorship)
  • Care and support
  • Pedagogical focus
  • Offers for the child
  • Opening and closing times
  • Group size
  • Qualification of the staff
  • Personnel key
  • Nutritional concept
  • Work of parents
  • Premises and the outdoor area
  • Equipment of the facility
  • Transparency and documentation of the educational work
  • The documentation process of the child’s developmental steps
  • Community orientation

Daycare Checklist

The Preston nursery checklist helps parents make the right choice. It aims to support parents in finding the right daycare place for their child. The checklist summarises the three most important questions that parents should ask before deciding on a daycare centre.

  1. General conditions of the daycare centre: What are the opening times, is the daycare centre easily accessible, are the premises and buildings well-maintained?
  2. Offers for the child: Are the children’s ideas and curiosity taken into account, what do the children learn in the daycare centre?
  3. Cooperation with the parents: Are the parents regularly informed about the development of the child? Do the educators offer to counsel?

During a tour of the daycare Preston or at an information event, parents should ask these questions from the educators. A right daycare centre should answer the majority of the questions with “yes”.

Final Words 

These were a few ways to find the right Nursery in Preston for your child. We hope you enjoy reading this blog. If you do, then share it with all your friends and loved ones.


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