Here are 7 critical factors for the growth of your indoor and outdoor plants


Do you want to buy plants online from online nursery websites?

Having a lawn outside of your house or if you have space at home, indoor and outdoor plants are cheap ways for decorating your house.

Moreover, you can achieve that naturalistic look in your house which is quite wonderful.

If you look at the house of any conscious and educated person you will surely find plants nicely added to the decorum of the house.

Having plants in your house can give you fresh air at home as they will take in the carbondioxide and release oxygen all-round the day.

The only problem that you can say for plants online is that they need a lot of caring and maintenance.

Whether it is the weather or providing the right type of soil and nutrients or the seasonal nature of the plants different plants need different types of care.

Here we will take a look at the 8 different parameters for the growth of your indoor and outdoor plants.

Let’s take a look-


As you know sunlight is required by all plants for their growth. It is only that the amount of sunlight that will be different among the various plant varieties.

Based on the species of plants online that you are buying you will have to take a look at the amount of sunlight they need.

While some plants can cope up with more sunlight and increased temperature other trees are not resistant to such heat. They would rather grow in a cool and shady place.


The amount of rainfall is also important in your area especially if you are willing to have outdoor plants for your garden.

While some plants need a lot of water for growth but generally you need to have a nice drainage system in your garden that prevents stagnation of water or else most of your garden plants might die.

Remember that some plant varieties will grow naturally when kept in an open environment such as your garden while others are more suited for indoor growth.


Humidity can also play a critical role in the sustenance and survival of the plant. If you are buying a plant species which is generally growing well in the cool temperate zones and yours is a hot and humid area then this might turn up to be a bad buy plants online decision.

If you are from a humid area then try choosing those plants that can cope up with the heat and humidity in your area.

Soil type

Soil type as you might have wondered before is indeed a highly critical factor for the growth of plants online. If you don’t have the type of soil that is adequate or compatible with the growth of the plant then don’t expect the plant to survive for long.

If you don’t know what exact type of soil is required the most for the growth of your chosen plant varieties try to gain some knowledge online or speak with a gardener.

The nutrient richness of the soil

The presence of nutrients like phosphorous, nitrogen, manganese, and others is highly important for the growth of the plant. It would be rather prudent to check out if the soil has the adequate amount of right nutrients for the growth of the plant. Ask a professional gardener to come and check out the nutrient of the soil.

Water retention capacity of the soil

Some types of soil can absorb and hold on to the water for much longer periods. They are highly non-porous and this allows them to hold water.

Some other variants of soil are more porous that is they cannot hold water for much longer.

So checking out the water retention capacity for your soil is also important for plants online just like the points mentioned above.

Seasonal nature of the plant

Some plants are specific for any season. If you are buying any seasonal variety of plants then find out the seasons in which they will grow and bloom. Buying those specific plant varieties at the right time of the season is surely going to allow the plant to grow and sustain for much longer.


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