Finding the right platform trolleys for your industrial unit


Slim design is an excellent alternative to traditional knife blocks, while effectively protecting your expensive knives and keeping their edges sharp.Transfer store-bought or home-made items, instead of juggling paper or plastic packaging, to this glass storage container for a more streamlined, stylish look. The durable container has a large design that will look amazing when sitting on open shelves or countertops. Available in 1.5, 2 and 3-quart volumes, each container comes with an acorn wood id that has a silicone seal to keep the material fresh and germ-free. Whether you use it to store loose tea, cookies or rolled oats, a dishwasher-safe container would be a great improvement over a standard plastic storage container.

This multi-piece refrigerator storage set includes compartments dedicated to spices, snacks, products, eggs and drinks, so you can keep your cold storage space clean and tidy. Transparent, BPA-free plastic containers stack vertically to maximize space, and have spills and leaks. Two narrow bins are ideal for storing bottles, jars, yogurt and fruits. The beverage tray contains 10 standard soda or beer cans, and has a lip for the cans to come out. Meat and other heavy or perishable items can be stored in two large compartments, and the 14-egg storage tray has a protective id mark.

The flatbed trolleys are a game changer in tight spaces as it allows you to reach inaccessible areas. If you have a gap between cabinets and appliances, or a narrow space in your pantry, this thin rolling cart is 5 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 26 inches long, so you can put it in another unused space in bonus storage. Squeeze. The three layers are ideal for storing pantry items, baking staples or foodstuffs or ingredients you reach for everyday while cooking, thus freeing up space on countertops. Two small hooks can be placed wherever you want, and used to hold utensils or pits.

Platform trolleys Melbourne with two-piece hinged id design have been developed with safety in mind. Therefore, they are popular in shopping stores that need extra attention, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, jewellery and cosmetics, which store and transport valuable and desirable goods.

Nesting containers for stacking are used in distribution industries such as FMCG i.e. fast-growing consumer goods such as household products, over-the-counter medicines, food and personal hygiene products, cosmetics, plastic products, stationery, pharmaceuticals industry. Consumer electronics etc.


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