Decentralize Your Intranet and Make it Heart of Your Digital Workplace


Technology allows employees to access new tools and learn new skills. The best social intranet software is a robust platform that your in-house and remote employees can use to collaborate, share knowledge and learn. Your employees can use this tool to add events, create spaces to collaborate, and create and post content. There are plenty of intranet solutions out there. The right one can completely change the way your team utilizes your intranet. 

A good intranet solution makes it easy and quick to create dedicated spaces for different projects without involving anyone from the IT department. 

Consider the fact that you have agile teams in workplaces with employees coming from diverse backgrounds. It does not matter whether people are sitting in the same office or they are working from different locations. Depending on the workforce, no two companies have the same organizational design.

While it is true that every business has a ‘hierarchy’ structure. Modern businesses need to shift towards interlinked networks for collaboration. In this structure, the right skills, interests, roles and experiences are in the right places. 

This requires different spaces for collaboration, communication and completion of business tasks in different departments and teams within each department. The traditional approach requires spaces defined according to the roles. The modern approach requires dedicated spaces for projects and expertise. 

You can automate many critical business processes using integration functionality and workflow and forms tools available in collaborative solutions for intranet. 

A collaborative solution provides tools employees need to complete their daily tasks, booking a leave, and more. This solution also reduces the burden on your limited internal resources. Social features such as #tagging, @mentioning, commenting, or timelines are used on a daily basis. Even tech-shy users can use these features of your intranet solution.   

Allowing users to create content and a positive culture are two of the best ways of decentralization. The modern communication and collaboration models are different from the traditional systems that are top to down. In traditional systems, the message created by the management is broadcasted to the staff. 

The health of a workplace depends on two-way communication. Provide the right permissions to your employees allowing them to create and publish content, put forward their ideas, contribute on discussion forums, vote in polls, comment on posts and so on. 

Decentralization means allowing your employees to take ownership of the social intranet. Make it easy for your employees to use your intranet solution and create collaborative space and content on their own. 

Your decentralized intranet software can be the heart of your digital workplace, especially when your employees are no longer tied to desks and chairs in the office. There are no boundaries. Bring your own device approach is now common. 

There are many advantages of digital workplaces. Talents can work from any location. They can use their own applications, tools and devices according to their needs. However, there are some challenges you need to address to reap the benefits of a digital workplace. For example, there is more than one app for a purpose. 

Your sales team uses Skype for communication but your marketing team uses Slack or some other tool. Business communication and collaboration are destined to fail. There can be data security concerns when employees use different apps and devices.

Single sign-on and other authentication capabilities, integration functionalities, employee-focused design, mobile access and enterprise search are the features to address these issues.


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