Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band: Who Should Buy It and How to Get for Less


A classic buckle is a classic addition to the Apple Watch collection. Made of calf leather, the classic buckle Apple Watch band creates a minimalistic vibe. Although it’s a classic accessory, the band comes in several colours today. Buyers can choose them to suit an occasion or match their personality. An official leather strap can cost at least $489. However, you can buy it at a price as low as AUD59.

As per Apple’s own words, its newest Apple Watch Series 6 is the future of health on the wrist. Even if you have the earlier versions of the smartwatch, you get plenty of exciting features to keep wearing it for several hours daily. The only thing that may stop you from keeping it around your wrist for a long time is the rubbery strap that comes with the Apple Watch

No offence but Apple’s rubber strap looks like it comes straight from a children’s watch. Now, the good news is that you can replace it with a more stylish, comfortable, and functional band. If you are an admirer of classic appeal, the Apple Watch classic buckle is the right band for your watch. 

What is Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band

As the name suggests, it is a classic strap that can be used to decorate your Apple Watch and improve its functionality. Earlier, classic accessories were reserved for individuals who wanted a formal appearance. 

However, the time has changed, and a classic buckle has evolved to become a stylish leather Apple Watch band, which can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. It is made of beautiful calf leather, which ages over time and becomes more attractive. Apart from that, a classic buckle features exterior leather grain and two-tone look for an eye-appealing appearance. Its colour-matched edge stitching complements the overall strap and makes it a stylish band for a device like an Apple Watch.

Who Should Buy Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band

The answer is: anyone who wants to style their watch with a classic accessory. It can be styled for both formal and informal occasions, thanks to plenty of colour options. Choose colours like black and white for a formal but classy appearance. On the other hand, colours such as marigold and sunset can be chosen for an informal or bold look.

You can buy multiple Apple Watch leather classic buckle bands and add them to your watch for the desired look. A quality strap is easy to install and remove. While buying it, you need to ensure that the band is chosen as per the watch’s case size. Apart from that, ensure that one size fits all wrists.

How to Get Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band for Less

Apple offers a wide range of bands, and a leather band is one of them. Although it’s an official accessory, you may have to pay $489 for one leather band. It is a hefty amount for just one band; isn’t it? 

If you want a classic buckle Apple Watch band for less, find a reliable third-party store and get a quality buckle piece. All you need to ensure is that the store is a reliable dealer. At a good third-party shop online, you can buy a classic buckle band at a price as low as $59 (AUD). In addition, you get more colour options at a good store.

Reach a reliable third-party store and buy a quality classic buckle for your Apple Watch. All the best! 


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