Certain Aspects Associated With Makeup Artists of Delhi


Wedding is the most important and dearest event in every bride’s life which is also an unforgettable experience for her. With all the butterflies and mixed emotions, there are certain things on which the bride doesn’t want to compromise; her wedding outfit and jewellery and to hire the best makeup artist. In an era of social media, everyone likes to keep their Instagram game up especially by posting their engagement and wedding pictures.

Several bookings are in waiting of makeup artist for engagement in Pitampura due to their spectacular results in the market. Gone are the days when brides had to rely on salons and beauticians to get dressed, as freelancers and certified professionals have taken over the internet with mind-blowing results of their work. Not just the wedding, engagement is also a memorable event, which demands a makeup that is neither heavy nor light, but somewhat between the two of them.

The type of makeup to be done depends entirely on the following factors:

  • The engagement outfit
  • Time of the day it is happening.

HD and Airbrush are two of the prominent techniques adopted for makeup, as ultimately everyone wants the makeup not to wear off with time and remain long-lasting. The airbrush technique is preferred more as it stays for a long time and gives more of a natural look. Mostly for summer functions and hot-humid climate, airbrush makeup is the right choice.

For all the pre-wedding ceremonies including engagement, a different look for every occasion is a must as no one wants to look similar in all the pictures. Engagement outfit and makeup are not that extensive which can be done by basic techniques of applying primer, foundation, contouring, subtle eye makeup, and bold lip colour. Not necessarily, an engagement makeup can be done with basic tools and techniques.

For eyes, most girls prefer the following:

  • Smokey eyes for a wider look
  • Lips all the red, orange, maroon, cherry, pink, and even matte shades are the top picks.
  • At last, after the outfit and makeup, comes the hairdo which also depends on the colour combination.
  • Nature of the outfit
  • The kind of jewellery to be worn along
  • Face cut
  • Neckline

The best way to choose an engagement makeup artist in Delhi is by researching on social media and going through the client reviews and the makeup looks created by the artist. It is easier to find and book appointments for any occasion through websites and the packages are mentioned from which the clients can select before selecting. The makeup trends changes every season, other pre-wedding functions are as important as the D-day.

It is highly recommended to book the best artist months before the wedding date, as, in the end, it becomes difficult to get their availability date. Engagement, as well as wedding, is an overwhelming experience for the bride and while booking the right makeup artist one must research well before the final call and make recommendations for the outfit, skin type and texture, to give a glamourous look on the final day.


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