Canada immigration new rules-Easing things for immigrants


Canada immigration new rules have been changed to allow more immigration into this country. These rules have been made easier to make sure that the candidates are easily able to get immigration to this country.

Decreasing age of dependents

The first of these new rules is that the dependents aged less than 22 are now allowed to this country. The dependents can now go to this country when they don’t have a spouse. The visa applicable to them is the PR visa of the parents. Earlier, the age of the dependents for this visa was 19 years. So, it’s a huge relief for dependents because they don’t have to apply separately and meet the need for points for this visa.

Adding of points for French

Canada has also introduced the concept of points for those who know French well. So, such candidates can get 30 points, provided they know French excellently well. These kinds of points are applicable to candidates when they have the NCLC 7 score in French. However, being able to get 30 points for the French language knowledge does not mean that the candidate does not need to know French. He should have, significant speaking, writing, listening and reading skills of the English language also. The English level scores should be CLB 5 in English. Without such score, the candidate can’t get these 30 points. In case a candidate decides not to appear for the English level exam, he can get 15 points for his French score of NCLC7. 

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Canada immigration new rules for Saskatchewan and Quebec

Apart from that, one of the significant changes introduced this year was the Saskatchewan launching a new way to apply for the occupations-in demand of this province. This kind of application has changed and there are no more restrictions for the candidates to apply for the occupations of this province.  They can apply at any time through the Express Entry. Right now, the numbers of occupations which are a part of this occupations-in-demand for Saskatchewan have been decreased. Earlier, 33 occupations had been there and now there are only 22 occupations which are applicable for candidates to get the PR here. Canada immigration new rules for PR includes an unlimited time frame for the application for PR of this province. It’s important that the candidates have English language skills also to get the PR of this province. These skills should make him eligible to get at least a score of CLB7 in the famous IELTS exam. This exam has only been approved for immigration to Canada. A candidate should have a post-secondary degree or diploma also, apart from having a professional license which allows them to work in Saskatchewan.

One of the most revolutionary changes, which was made this year is that Quebec allowed, the candidates to apply for the Quebec skilled worker program through its own portal called Arrima. This is congratulatory news because the candidates can now apply for the Quebec immigration all around the year. They don’t have to; wait for the application time frame for the Quebec skilled worker program to start. Apart from Saskatchewan and Quebec streamlining their application procedures, more changes have also happened in the Canada PR process. At Nile Migration, you can have comprehensive help when it’s about Canada immigration new rules for PR.


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