Can I make a bike insurance claim with a learner’s license?

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We all know that you need a license in order to ride a bike in India. If you go for a spin without one, you could face fines up to Rs. 5,000 and/or community service as well. A license is also required to make a claim against your bike insurance policy in case of an accident. Therefore, it goes without saying, one should never operate a vehicle without a valid license. But what about a learner’s license, is that acceptable? Can one ride and also claim insurance with just a leaner’s license? Let’s find out!

Two-wheeler insurance covers if you are riding legally.

That’s right – a bike insurance policy will provide coverage as long as you were operating your two-wheeler as per the legal requirements. To do this with a leaner’s license, you would have to apply a large and clear ‘L’ sticker to the front and back of your motorcycle. You would also need to have a pillion rider who has a valid and full license. If you tick these boxes and meet with an accident, your bike insurance policy should cover the repair costs.

What about non-accidental claims?

Accidents are just one of the many ways through which your vehicle can be damaged. There are several other unfortunate events can cause harm to your vehicle, or worse still, result in total loss of your motorcycle. Thankfully, most of these incidents will be covered by your bike insurance policy,even if you have just a learner’s license or do not have a license at all. Some of these incidents include:

  1. Theft of your vehicle – that’s right, one does not have to furnish license number or any other such details when submitting a claim for a stolen vehicle.
  2. Natural calamities – floods, earthquakes and other such acts of God can cause massive damages to your vehicle. However, as long as you were not riding the vehicle when the damages occur, you can make a claim even with a learner’s license.
  3. Damage caused to parked vehicle – this is another instance wherein you are not riding the bike and therefore you can make a claim even with a learner’s license.

So, as you can see, you can make a claim against your bike insurance policy even if you have only a learner’s license. However, this is provided you meet the legal requirements. Keeping this in mind, one should never ride without an unlicensed pillion rider. If an accident were to happen in such a scenario, the insurance company may not provide compensation for the damages. The same can be said for riding with the large, red ‘L’ stickers on the back and front of the vehicle, the absence of which can also invite fines up to Rs. 200 as well.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. Remember to always wear your helmet while riding and obey the rules of the road. Good luck and ride safe!


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