Best time of the year to buy jewellery in London


Jewellery shopping is no less than an event in itself. It is therapy for some women to buy something precious for themselves and if you’re going to be paying a fat sum of money, selection also becomes a time consuming procedure. Jewellery is usually bought for festivals, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or in order to congratulate someone on a big event such as child birth, work or academic success or to celebrate a positive event in the life of someone close to you.

You might think that anytime is good time to buy jewellery so why should you read about the best time of the year to buy jewellery in London? London not only has a big range of stylish and trendy jewellery shops such as at the Hatton gardens but the city also hosts various jewellery exhibitions and events at different times of the year. The exhibitions showcase jewellery collections from all over the world. So if you want to cheque out the latest collections from jewellery owners all over the world at one place then it is best to schedule your jewellery buying for these particular months of the year.

February for exhibitions

In London the month of February can also be called as the month of exhibitions. Many jewellery events are hosted all over the city in the month of February. The most popular being the International Jewellery London event. Jewellery collections from all around the world are presented here and it gives buyers a wonderful opportunity to shop for varieties all at one place. Many such exhibitions happen during the months of January and February and the people who are regular event-hoppers, know well when to expect the next one. You’ll get to see quite a few lab grown diamonds uk here as well.

Mid-summer for gold

This is the best time to buy gold in the UK gold market. In the month of July and August jewellery owners have a slow business as people are preparing for the summertime. The rates of gold usually drop around this time making it a favourable time to buy gold jewellery. A lot of people buy gold in these months and then proceed to sell or invest them in the later months of the year when the prices increase.

January for engagement rings

January is the best time to buy engagement rings for your special someone. It is the festive season and you’ll see a lot of jewellery stores and brands announcing discount offers around that time. Also, since it is the beginning of the year, new fashions and designs spring from their collections which give you a better choice for this one-of-a-kind selection. So you can get an amazing deal for the precious bling.

It’s best to avoid buying jewellery during winter time as it is close to Christmas, Thanksgiving and other such festivals. Festivals means an automatic rise in the prices of jewellery so it is best to postpone it to the favourable months to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

A piece of advice would be to keep a regular check on the stock market prices of gold and silver before deciding to buy any jewellery. The prices would give you a fair idea of when to buy. Make a smart choice while buying lab grown diamond engagement rings.


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