Before You Try The Famous Celestial Trend Read This


Gems and shiny metals may be everyone’s favorite but the famous designers like to choose something that’s at the top. Guess what? Almost every blogger/influencer’s favourite celestial trend has taken a unique yet separate space in the jewellery box of many people. 

Jewelry in the form of the moon is so common right now. But do you know what exactly  symbolises the moon? The moon is considered as an inspiring icon that reflects the influence, intuition and compassion of women, and of course as well as the power of women around the world. Who runs the world? Girls!  

Considering the old times, the moon was assumed by many ancient cultures to be a divine female goddess, quietly projecting its power over the world. In the end women are known to hold the power to change the world! 

The celestial moon necklace represents prosperity and development as considered in Greek mythology. As per the tradition the moon goddess Selene will pray to women wishing to conceive to help them bring new life into the world. 

Do you know what Crescent Moon’s significance is? 

Nowadays a lot of crescent moon hair pin and other accessories are trending but does anyone know it’s significance? It represents both the phases of the decreasing moon and the waxing moon. 

When the quantity of the lit surface is rising, the waxing stage goes towards a full moon. It is thought to offer a fresh lease of life and positivity as the moon rises in brightness, giving us the inspiration to fulfil our dreams.

Moon jewellery trend has been rocking and more was added to it by plenty of bloggers/influencers and even models. It got beautifully set in therefore If you’re thinking to give a try to the moon jewellery read this:

  • Where will you go? 

First of all, think about where you want to wear your moon and star earrings gold jewellery. Possibly you may want to choose something sober for work. Whereas on the other hand, you can use your jewellery to make your outfit stand out if you are going anywhere fancy. Wear a celestial moon necklace around it with gemstones or use your jewellery to add a pop of colour to a neutral black dress.

For casual attire, you can use your jewellery to be more playful and enjoyable. You may want to select a pair of full moon dangling earrings or a necklace in this situation.

  • What is your attire? 

You need to use your full moon jewellery to make the outfit pop if you are planning on wearing something basic, easy or neutral coloured. Choose a bigger, more colourful or imaginative thing. You want your full moon jewellery to be a little more neutral if your dress already has diamonds or sparkles.

  • Face shape: 

Every woman would like to make sure that the jewellery for your particular body type is flattering. Women have different body shapes, some have pear shaped body, hourglass body, round body; these are the most common types. In context to the same women have different face shapes as well. There are round shapes, square shapes, diamond face shapes, heart face shapes etc. But we are suggesting the most common types here. 

You want to use studs or shorter hanging full moon earrings if your face is long or oval in shape. If your face is curved, then it looks nice for longer dangling earrings. If you have a smaller frame, then tiny, delicate jewellery will look pretty. Then you may want to suggest chunkier full moon jewellery if you have a larger picture, so that it can stand out more.


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