Amazing Advantages Of Using The Best Dog Paw Balm


In cases where the terrain is extreme or your dog paw’s become sensitive, you might have to consider booties to protect the paws of your doggies, however, in every case, the best dog paw balm will act as a great tool for the general dog paw care. The best dog paw balm prevents damage to the skin on the dog’s paw pads and it also helps in soothing and repairing the sore, cracked and damaged pads with healing and moisturizing properties. There’s an added bonus if you’re using the dog paw balm made from natural and organic ingredients i.e. when the dog inevitably licks the palms or ingests, it won’t be harmful to your doggo. Because the organic dog paw balm/cream is non-toxic and harmless. 

Treating Dog Paw Injury With The Best Dog Paw Balm

1. Clean the paw of your doggie- You can use water along with an anti-bacterial soap in order to remove the debris that might be in or around the paws of your dog. If there are any of the things that are lodged deep within the pad of the paws of your dog, go to the assistance of a vet for removing all those objects. 

2. Keep a check on bleeding of the paw – This is one step that shouldn’t take so long unless the injury is very severe otherwise, you’ll have to take your dog to the vet. 

3. Wrap it up – Deciding whether or not to wrap the foot up is definitely one of the tricky things to decide. You would have to wait for the paw to dry i.e. you’d avoid using ointment or bandage on it. However, most of the dog owners know that doggo will probably face a lot of damage by walking on the wound or by licking it. If your doggy is very active or a very obsessive licker, you must wrap the entire foot above the ankle with some gauze on the pad over the rest. If the dog’s paw is injured beyond any control, you must take your lovable dog to the vet for professional help. 

4. Monitor the injury – Make sure that you change the bandage regularly. Monitor the healing process well so that it doesn’t go worse for your doggy. See if the injury is healing properly or would it take a professional to look at it. 

Dog Paw Palm vs. Dog Paw Wax

Dog paw balm and wax are quite similar. Both have some crucial uses when it comes to protecting the dog’s paws, repairing or moisturizing them. However, dog paw wax and dog paw cream can differ depending on the balm brands and the ingredients inside them. The ingredients in most of the waxes or balms will include some of the other combinations of oils and waxes and all of them come with the goal to protect, soothe and heal our dog’s paws. The common ingredients inside them include beeswax, soy wax, carnauba, shea butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, hemp oil or rosemary oil. What’s the most important while you’re choosing either a wax or a balm is that you go with the one that’s organic, non-toxic, non-allergenic and is easily absorbed and safely moisturizes. 


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