A few common types of industrial equipment that industries need


When you visit any industry you will find that most of the work and processes are being done using machines or equipment. Of course, they may need human monitoring or even manual intervention for the work to be carried out but in general, they have made working within the industries far more simplified and time conserving.

In this article, we are going to find out about the different types of material handling equipment that you might have come across.

If you don’t know what material handling equipment is, these are a set of equipment that you need for the work to be done. These equipment are the ones that make sure that you don’t need to have any direct manual intervention.

Let’s begin knowing about such industrial equipment-


One of the more relatable materials handling equipment is trolleys. Trolleys are ideal for transferring load items and objects from one place of the industry to another.

Based on the type of industry you are in you will have different custom-made trolleys that fit in right as per the use of your application.

Lifting equipment

Lifting the load items is essential in certain industries. You will need to have various load-lifting equipment if you are in garages, car workshops, any form of mechanical workshops, manufacturing cans, bins, tanks, or vessels, and even they are needed alongside assembly lines across various manufacturing industries.

There are various types of slings to do the job for you such as chain slings for heavy loads, load restraints, and even nylon slings for lifting and securing load items on top of trolleys and other stable platforms. 

Drum handling equipment

Drum handling equipment such as forklift attachments is common in any industry that is handling drums. A common example of this would be an industry that is in some way related to the processing, or refining of crude oil.

Other examples include the paints industry, chemical industry, etc. the need for such drum handling equipment is to rotate, lift and do certain operations with drums, tanks and vessels.

Hazardous good storage cabinets

Many industries are involved in hazardous goods manufacturing and processing. Let’s take an industry where LPG gases are manufactured.

Of course, such industries will need to buy special fortified cabinets with proper signage and labels especially for hazardous goods storage only.


Ladders are common industrial equipment that you need for fetching items that are beyond your reach. The industries that use this equipment extensively include warehouses and storage depots.


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