5 Tips When Using Stickers for Product Packaging


Are you planning a new product launch and looking for great packaging? Or are you just browsing to find some inspiration? 

We are here to help you elevate your packaging using something you probably have not thought of yet: custom stickers. 

Product packaging influences purchase decisions massively. Customers want great quality for a low price. With stickers, you can fulfill exactly that. They are super cost-effective yet have incredibly impactful. 

So let us jump right into the many ways you can make stickers work for you.

1. Choose Labels 

There is no fundamental difference between labels and stickers. Both are little pieces of paper or plastic with an adhesive on the back. Stickers usually come individually cut, making them ideal for giveaways. Labels, on the other hand, arrive on sheets. 

When peeled, both look exactly the same. However, it is worth being aware of this difference because labels are 65% faster to peel than individually cut stickers. Especially when you are applying them to hundreds of products, this can be a real time saver. 

2. Go for a Great Effect 

Many label printers offer amazing effect materials that will make your logo really stand out, no matter if in the store or online. We recommend looking for metallic labels. As you can see in the image below, such labels enhance even the most simple packaging and make it look premium. 

Most suppliers print directly onto the effect material which means that you can choose which part of your design you would like to sparkle. 

3. Limited Edition Seals

Since stickers are so low-cost and come in small quantities, you can use them to highlight a certain product range. Limited edition seals are a great way to do that. Through a simple biodegradable paper label, you can create the illusion of scarcity around your product. 

This is a long-established marketing strategy. Knowing your product might not be available the next time they visit your store or website creates a sense of urgency. Limiting the time a customer has to make a purchasing decision usually leads to a sale. 

4. Match Your Packaging 

Are you using recyclable jars? Or maybe compostable cardboard packaging? Make sure your labels match these features. There are great sustainable sticker options available that can be recycled with your product. 

These are still incredibly versatile. Would you believe that this clear sticker is made from wood pulp? It is super transparent and sticks like any vinyl-based label. 

5. Custom Mailers

This is especially useful for e-commerce businesses. You want your delivery to stand out from the numerous parcels your customers receive. A simple sticker allows you to brand your mailers and boxes at a low cost.

Your branding can include your logo, a lovely “nice to see you” message and custom address labels. All of these show that you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers and create an amazing product experience. 

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our ideas on how to use custom sticker labels for your packaging. Maybe we even inspired you to give custom stickers a try? If so, we would love to hear from you in the comment section. 


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