3 Most Recommended IT Skills to Steer Your Career in 2021

artificial intelligence engineer

IT specialists who’ve worked in fields related to artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and security technologies will remain in-demand this 2021.

Getting into newer job roles post COVID-19 is becoming more competitive since three in four professionals consider switching jobs as a better option to grow their career in the next 12 months, says a 2021 LinkedIn Jobs on The Rise Study.

As the demand for skilled workers in the field rises, pursuing an opportunity as a cloud engineer, an artificial intelligence engineer, and a security engineer.

  • Cloud computing

Cloud computing has been a growing trend, with markets experiencing a triple growth in 2015. Although the growth significantly declined in the years that followed, it is expected to rise once again in 2021. As the industry continues to mature and demand for work from home heightens, prediction states the revenue growth is likely to exceed the percentage achieved in 2019. More so, it will increase beyond 30 percent for 2021 and remain stable through 2025.

Clearly,the cloud is not the only technology that is in demand. Currently, hybrid cloud is now becoming the new normal. According to IDC, over 90 percent of the global enterprises will put their trust in the hybrid cloud by 2022.

  • Security

As we dissolve ourselves into the work from home culture, it’s likely for us to face more security issues than we’ve faced earlier. Fueled by COVID-19, more attacks might take place on our home network and computers. Thus, security remains a core concern among professionals working from home.

Privacy will become a mess if there’s no proper security. Skills related to security need to be updated. This can simply be achieved by getting yourselves engaged in upgrading skills using certification programs.

  • AI

Alexandr Wang, CEO at Scale AI [startup] says, he doesn’t need a crystal ball to see where AI is headed or where the technology will be used in the foreseeable future. All he needs to do is go through his customers’ list.

Looks like 2021 will be a great year for those looking to grab a career as an artificial intelligence engineer or perhaps an artificial intelligence specialist.

The four-year-old startup started supplying autonomous vehicle companies the labeled data that is required to train machine learning models for them to develop and further commercialize automated bots, robotaxis, and self-driving trucks needed in the warehouses or for deliveries.

This initiative drastically changed as e-commerce, government, insurance, enterprise automation, and robotics organizations started turning to Scale AI’s data labeling platform in 2020. The startup that hit a valuation of nearly more than USD 3.5 billion is looking forward to expanding its customer list.

Besides this, digital systems have already started becoming more intelligent – self-managing and self-learning without the need for any human intervention.

However, to develop or build intelligent systems, the professional needs to be proficient enough to leverage data for extracting insights and in-depth knowledge to take up operations and automation.

Building skills: Upskilling is the way forward

With multiple online platforms, choosing the right platform can be a little tricky. Nonetheless, you need to first decide which skills or career you wish to opt for.

Gain hands-on experience and practical application of the technology. You can consider taking up an AI certification program, cloud computing certification, or cybersecurity certification to get the latest updated skills.

One of the major ways that can help you stand out from the crowd is by demonstrating skills using projects. While certification programs are great, you can always start building projects online.

Some of the highest paying job roles include an AI engineer and cloud architect among other technology professions.


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