Slow Paying Accounts - Deal Wisely

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Working with slow paying accounts can be very challenging. You make deliveries today and three months later the invoice still hasn’t been paid! For a small business that relies heavily on cash flow, this can put you in a precarious position that can jeopardize your ability to meet your daily operating commitments.

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So, how do you make sure that your clients pay in a timely manner?  For starters, you need to put everything in writing.

Slow Paying Accounts - Deal Wisely
Slow Paying Accounts -  can put you in a precarious position.
You can’t hold clients accountable to payment terms you haven’t put in writing. They can say they didn't get your invoice and you can't prove otherwise.

So, if you’re requesting payment in three weeks, state that clearly in the contract.

Jack Stieber is the president of American Receivable, an accounts receivable factoring company based in Dallas, Texas.

He says the key to ensuring your clients pay in a timely manner is to put everything in writing to ensure there is no question about your payment terms.

Here are some other things you can do to avoid slow payments.

Send invoices right away

The clock only starts ticking when you submit your invoice. If you delay in submission, it will take even longer to get paid. For this reason, as soon as you complete your job (or deliver goods), submit your invoice.

Itemize the invoice

The invoice should be as detailed as possible without being confusing. A detailed invoice clearly outlines all completed work or products sold. A confusing invoice, on the other hand, may bring payment processing to a halt.

State payment terms in the invoice

First, ensure that you’ve clearly stated payment terms in the initial contract. Then, remember to highlight the terms in every subsequent invoice you send. Maybe it’s been months since the client reviewed your contact. Reminding them of those terms in the invoice can be invaluable.

Practice situational invoicing
Many companies prefer to pay multiple purchase orders in one check rather than writing a check for each purchase. To take advantage of this trend, for clients requesting a purchase order, try to send all invoices at once.

Build relationships with your clients
It helps to bond with the people responsible for bill paying. Learn their names, and if possible meet them in person, and even send them birthday cards. People who know you at a personal level will often go out of their way to make sure you’re paid in time.

Don’t be afraid to call them if necessary
Never send email messages about late payments when it is accounts that slow paying  obviously. No one reads those types of emails.

If you feel you need to make contact, make a personal phone call. Be friendly and start the conversation by confirming they received your invoice on time.

At the end of the conversation, ask them to give you a definite payment date.  It’s also a good idea to follow up with an email that restates the understanding you have reached and includes the payment date they agreed to.

These are the some key points to deal wisely with slow paying accounts.
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Renting A Cheap Car - Why It Is Consider In The Long Term?

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The cheap car rental can offer you many advantages, whether you are going on vacation and need a car for a few days or if you are thinking of renting a car for a week or more.

Thousands of people choose to rent a cheap car for long-term solutions, whether their vehicle is in the repair shop or they don't have a vehicle and need it to take the family to a well-deserved rest.

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Advantages Of Long Term Renting A Cheap Car

The main advantage of choosing a cheap rental car for a long-term solution is that you can control your travel time. When you live and work in any area, it is as important to get to and from work.

Renting A Cheap Car
Renting A Cheap Car gives you freedom and independency
You can save valuable time by using your vehicle, reducing the amount of time you spend waiting for public transport and then waiting patiently while stopping at several stops along the way. It is cheaper and more practical in the long term.

Using a cheap car hire can restore your independence. When you trust your vehicle every day and suddenly take it away.

You could have an accident and be in repair, otherwise it will break and you will find yourself in the workshop waiting for the parts to arrive.

Regardless of why your independence is taken away and you have to depend on friends, family and public transport, you'll find that paying for car hire is a great way to regain your independence and give yourself the freedom you're used to.

Being able to drive yourself can offer you many advantages. If you use a taxi or bus service, make them stop at different stops just for you is not right in your itinerary of the day.

The option is to rent a car with a driver or take advantage of a cheap car rental so you can go wherever you want, even if you notice late at night that you don't have milk for morning coffee, you have Freedom runs to shop in the car without worrying.

Also, if you have a small compact car and plan to spend a weekend with a group of friends, taking advantage of cheap car rentals throughout the weekend or more is a great way to travel together.

This means that they leave and arrive together, which is always useful when traveling in a group. Adds fun and excitement to the journey and helps save fuel, as it doesn't drive many vehicles, all with fuel.

You will find that the cheap car hire if you choose to rent for a month or more is convenient. Not to mention the fact that they usually have additional benefits.

Keep in mind that rental vehicles are well maintained and undergo regular maintenance, which makes you feel comfortable. In addition to this, they will often come with insurance and insurance coverage, two things you don't have to think about beyond the cost of renting.

When considering long-term car rental, it is important to hire only an accredited company with years of knowledge and experience.

The company should be able to provide you with a wide variety of vehicles, able to meet your travel and budget needs, from cheap cars to family sedans and SUVs, baked goods and more.

Make sure that when you book a cheap rental car, for a week, a month or more, you know what is included in the price. This reduces the risk of receiving an unexpected invoice when returning the car at the end of the rental period.

Jaipur Car Rental is a well established car rental company operating in Rajasthan since 2008. This company offers a wide range of affordable vehicles with cash rental solutions available in Jaipur, Ajmer-Pushkar and Jaisalmer, and now in Udaipur.

The company offers low prices and accepts cash, debit card and EFT. Jaipur Car Rental services business and leisure customers who offer everything from cheap vehicles to baked goods and more. The company has launched its website that allows customers to renting A cheap car online or by e-mail.

8 Fresh Ideas To Decorate Your Home During Summer

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When it begins to warm up gradually, then you can leave your windows open at night. If you start experiencing hot weather, then you should think about a summer home makeover.

During winter, everything has been trapped inside the home, and its time to air it out. Also, you need a nice summer appearance for your home without costing you much.

Latest Updated On 27.05.2020

You may be surprised to learn that changing your home decor to match whatever season it maybe is much simpler than you ever thought, all it takes is a few quick changes or additions.

Decorate Your Home During Summer
Think about a summer home makeover.

Simple Ideas To Decorate Your Home During Summer

1. Add New Colors

It's imperative to know which color is suitable for summer. Summer is a very colorful season because the sky appears like a deep ocean blue, wildflowers grow in any place they can.

The blossoms and blooms are not only colorful, but they also smell fresh. All of the things that you like can be placed in your decor.

You just need to decide on a particular color of summer that you like. There is a wide range of colors to choose from when you look around.

If you love colors of blueberries or strawberries or any other color of the flower in the field, then you can use this color to decorate your room, when going to Decorate Your Home During Summer.

2. New Flooring Patterns

Your floors should also reflect the color of summer. You don't want a lot of patterns or designs on your floors because you should be getting that from your decor.

OK, Fine!! No problem.  Solution here.

  • You can use white rugs in different places in your room. You can place large area rugs in places like the middle of your room or under the dining room table.
  •  You can place area rugs anywhere you want to highlight the area.
3. Consider New Cooling Device

As summer is approaching, therefore, it important to take care of your comfort in upcoming hot sweltering days.

Therefore, it is recommended to search for various latest technology such as air conditioner. I would recommend to check out the market reputation of HVAC systems like air conditioning Sydney.

4. Attractive Wallpaper in Summer Prints

Something as simple as stripes can really make a home look seasonal. Imagine a beautiful light blue and white striped wallpaper with white furnishings all around, such as end tables, a coffee table, and perhaps even white wicker furniture.

An awesome ideas to decorate your home during summer session is use of some beautiful ivory seashells to large glass bowls and throw various shades of light blue pillows on the chairs and couches.

Add in more color with complementary colors such as light green and yellow.

5. Add New Accessories

You can add those extra accessories to make the room really look summery. As mentioned above, seashells are always a great option or anything that reminds you of the beach.

Flowers are also always in style, pick some bright and vibrant flowers for a more fun feel.

Also, do not forget the latest technology cooling device i.e., ducted air conditioning installation. It is one of the most important upgrades in our house.

It will not just increase the value of your home but also let you spend comfortable summer days.

6. Wonderful Smelling Candles

Another quick way to transform your home to a summer paradise is by adding wonderful smelling candles or other fragrances.

Lighting candles throughout the entire house will fill it with beautiful tropical smells or fresh, clean ones, whichever you prefer.

7. Consider New Lighting

Summer lighting should be dim, soft, and inviting. Consider a new, white lampshade for your current lamp or buy a new lamp with lots of white and light accents that match your room.

Add a low wattage light bulb to the lamp, and voila! Accent this wall by placing studio lighting up on the ceiling so it can shine down on the wall, or you can place a floor lamp in front of the wall.

With these Fresh Ideas To Decorate Your Home During Summer and interior decorating tips, you can transform your home, or just a single room, into a beautiful summer sanctuary.

8. Upgrade Your Wall Design

If your walls are already a summer color, then don't worry about changing them unless you just want to paint them over.

You can choose the color of white, yellow, green, or blue. Hang pictures of flowers in season on the wall.

If you don't have any pictures, go outdoors with your camera and snap a picture. You can take it to a photo center and blow it up to an 8x10.

You can highlight one wall in your room by painting it a different color or by hanging an area rug on the wall. There are several area rugs to choose from today.

You will be able to find a rug that displays the colors of summer that you want to add to your room.

Final Words

When it comes to decorate home During Summer (of-course it is interior decorating) it is no surprise everyone has their own taste and style, which is good. We wouldn't want to walk into numerous homes and have them all looking the same, that would be boring!

You can brighten up your home for the summer months with a few easy steps that are mentioned above.

When searching for ideas to decorate your home in summer, don't skip light-colors such as white, light-blues, greens, or yellows; it is time to try summery accessories such as seashells; wonderful 'summer' smelling candles, and soft lighting for summer home makeover.

Why Banks Reject Business Loan Requests of Many SME Owners?

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have neither the luxury of a big bank account nor the backing of any global giant.

Their profits are seldom enough to expand operations to try and unsettle their competition. As such, they are mainly dependent on Business Loans from banks to give wings to their vision.

According to a survey, a majority of Business Loan applications of SME owners are turned down in India.

But blaming banks for such high Business Loan rejection rate isn’t right either, given that they have a plethora of government and organisational guidelines to adhere to. A better idea is to look at:

Why banks reject so many Business Loan requests of SME owners

And try to turn the tables around in your favour:

Bad credit

Credit history is the first thing that any lender notices when considering your loan application. A good credit score is the proof of your financial stability on both personal and professional front.

The fact that you have made on-time payments and avoided bankruptcy earns the lender’s confidence.

A poor credit score, on the other hand, reveals your mismanagement of finances and makes the lenders wary of trusting you with their money.

It is advisable to pay bills on time, control Credit Card balances, and correct any mistakes on credit reports to repair a low credit score before you Apply for a Business Loan.

No business value

This is the lender’s lack of confidence in your vision. The lender fails to see enough value in your business and is not convinced about its growth potential.

The estimation of this potential is made through your financial statements, market capacity, financial ratios, profitability, and so forth.

If lenders are not able to foresee any likelihood of growth in these documents, they doubt your ability to refund their money and therefore, think it better to reject your loan application.

Lack of collateral and experience

Banks trust owners with an established business and valuable collateral the most. Unfortunately, SMEs are just the opposite of that.

They often lack any collateral in the form of either equipment or property which is up to the lender’s satisfaction.

 Additionally, the collateral is accessed by valuers hired by the bank, and the report they submit may well value your collateral at a much lower price than you take it for.

As for the experience, getting a small business loan on the traditional simple interest basis is difficult for entrepreneurs who have just started out.

At least two to three years of experience is required to stand a chance of availing such a loan.

Insufficient cash flow

All lenders are concerned with is getting their money back, and they know what all stands in their way.

On top of their EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment), they know you have payroll, rent, inventory, and various other expenses to take care of.

As such, even substantial cash flow may not be sufficient to meet all these demands. Therefore, lenders are more concerned about your business’s profitability than cash inflow.

One way for small business owners to ensure profitability is creating and sticking to a budget.

Business operations need to be optimised for maximum efficiency and times of weak cash inflow need to be met with a reduction in expenses.

Lack of preparation

Something small entrepreneurs are inexperienced at besides handling business is applying for a loan.

 Most of them may apply for a Business Loan online or fill up an application in a bank and wait for the approval. However, the process is much more complicated and requires much more preparation.

A written business plan along with financial statements or projections, tax returns, bank statements, and personal and business credit reports are the must-have documents when applying for a loan.

Add copies of legal documents to the list as well, including articles of incorporation, leases, contracts, or any permits or licenses your business has acquired to operate.

Outside conditions

Your loan application may be turned down despite a commendable credit score, valuable collateral, strong cash inflow, and all the necessary documents. 

Bear no grudges in such a case at this time, you were denied because of conditions outside your control. 

Outside conditions include industry image, business location, competitors, and regional or local economic trends among other factors.

For instance, a small business owner looking to expand his food delivery business may be denied a loan due to the rising fuel costs.

The increasing costs are beyond the owner’s control, but the lender may feel insecure about his/her ability to afford the soaring prices and yet turn in a profit.

The 8 Secrets Fishing Spots In Europe Only A Handful Of People Know

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Is finding the best fishing spots in Europe is challenging?

But… why...Or How it is?

Because, In Europe, you will find lots of winding water up streams and shorelines are sparkling with salt. Can you imagine yourself fishing in such unpredictable environs?

Last Update May 1, 2020

Don’t you think best fishing in Europe should be your next challenge while angling? Yes, it is, down here lies some discovery as you ponder over your next move.

All you need is to get a good best saltwater fishing in Europe, and real experience. The best fishing spots in Europe below are going to give you the best experience in Europe like never before.

What are the 8 top fishing spots in Europe?

1. Canary islands

Canary islands fishing spots

The Canary Islands found in Spain though small but very beautiful. Lots of best deep Sea Fishing destinations in Europe take place on this island. The island has more than 30 ports and marinas. The water here is quite calm and attractive.

When you choose fishing in these beautiful blue waters, you won’t even notice the time. While here you, there’s a variety of trout species to look out for.

These include the Bluefin Tuna, yellow fin, spearfish, blue marlin and big-eye tuna among others.

2. River Tara

River Tara Fishing Spots

If you are looking for an amazing best fly fishing in Europe expedition, then the best fly fishing rivers in Europe, Tara River will be ideal. The beautiful looking undiscovered oasis is also known as the tear of Europe.

Its waters are incredibly clear to give you the best of time while fishing. The river has a canyon which happens to be the second deepest in the entire world.

The freshwater fishing in Europe at Tara River will give you a great catch in a variety of fish species. Some of this species include marble trout, huchen, sang brown trout, Grayling and lake trout. Tara River forms one of the world’s untouchable natures that you shouldn’t miss making a date with.

3. Tuscany

Tuscany Fishing Spots

Tuscany is one of the amazing landscapes found in Italy. Tuscany landscapes will give you a wonderful fishing experience, when you look for best countries to go fishing.

The landscapes have very attractive streams surrounded by plantations of tobacco and sunflowers. The area is popularly known for fly fishing trout, including the Grayling.

The streams here are great sources of sea bass, Bluefin tuna, grouper, and barracuda.

Apart from fly fishing in the landscape spear fishing practice is also allowed. In addition to opportunities for fishing the area is also famous for great wine, food and beautiful art.

4. River Soca

River Soca Fishing Spots

This beautiful river is found in Slovenia. When fishing in Soca River, you will also have a great time viewing the stunning mountains coupled with its clear waters.

The river flows through Europe’s untouched and most beautiful valleys.  Fishing in these environs gives you a unique catch of the marble trout, which is the river’s most famous.

The locals here call it the pride of Slovenia. Other species to look out for include Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Grayling.

You can easily access the amazing river through Slovenia’s neighbors. These are Italy, Croatia, and Austria.

5. Laxa River in Iceland

Laxa River in Iceland Fishing Spots

Laxa River is a great fishing spot in Europe for fly fishing as you travel around Europe for a fishing excursion. The river is popularly known to host the salmon and the best trout. It is quite promising when fishing here in terms of the size of the catch.

River Laxa comes second in Iceland’s spring-fed water reservoirs. River Laxa’s has cascading pools with other features such as the waterfall and gorges.

6. The Azores found in Portugal

The Azores Portugal Fishing Spots

The Azores offers best fishing in Europe for you who love the deep sea angling. The amazing island has bitten the world record in terms of the different fish species.

The island has twenty-two different species with six of them currently having the IGFA titles.

The fish species found here include the speared fish, swordfish, tuna, amberjack, and famed marlin, Mako shark, Wahoo and even the whale.

The whales can be seen in the islands nearby waters beautified by appealing scenery from the volcanoes.

7. Orkney Islands

Orkney Islands Fishing Spots

The Orkney fishing spots found in Scotland, which is the Europe’s finest spot for fishing. The island will give you a variety of species of fish in large quantities.

A great catch can be found in the waters flowing through cliffs and close by lochs. Here you will find the hake, sea trout, snag, salmon, cod, ling, turbot, brown trout, and bass.

The scenery here is quite magical that even the ancient history agrees with this. The island has tall standing stones that are undefined and stretches sculptured by the wind.

Fishing here is simply magical as your eyes will be feeding on the most scenic views around. All you need to do is set out and find your passion.

8. Altar River in Norway

Altar River Norway Fishing Spots

In Altar River, which one of the greatest rivers in Norway, you will get to catch the salmon weighing up to 25 pounds. A lot of people, including those from royalties have visited the river casting their line for the best salmon fishing in Europe.


Reading about the best fishing in Europe isn’t enough. The real excitement lies in doing it. Well, let nothing stop you from exploiting this wonderful fishing spot that Europe has to offer. Keep the sea fishing holidays Europe as fun as you make Europe your next destination. Enjoy big game fishing holidays in Europe.

What Is a Martingale Collar and Why Should My Dog Wear It?

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A collar is a staple accessory for any dog. It helps secure the dog not only inside the home but especially when going outside and enjoying walks.

A collar also helps provide information about the dog and its owner, in case the animal gets lost or is deliberately taken away.

No dog should be without a collar, and as such, owners need to make sure that they get just the right type of collar for their pet.

Choosing the right collar takes into consideration factors such as the size, weight, height, and other physical attributes of a particular dog.


As with humans, not all dogs are alike even if they are of the same breed or if they look similar from afar.

There are recommended sizes and types of collars for certain dogs, and one of them is the martingale collar.

This is a special type of collar with a unique functionality that can be very useful for certain dogs and in certain situations.

It is important that you learn more about it and see if you might want to consider using a martingale collar for your pet.

Martingale collar for your dog

Just what is a martingale collar? It looks like any other ordinary or regular dog collar, because it can also be made of the usual materials such as webbing, hemp, fabric, etc. and they can come in a variety of colors and patterns.

However, the difference lies in its construction. A martingale collar is designed with two loops of webbing where the leash is buckled. As a dog attempts to move or lunge forward, the loops tighten.

It is a great way to keep your dog under control when walking outside or when around other people.

The dog is automatically signaled by the tightening leash without unnecessary pressure from you. For this reason, a lot of dog trainers utilize a martingale collar because it a great way of disciplining the dog without exerting undue physical force from the owner.

Benefits of a martingale collar

Apart from its use during training, a martingale collar is an ideal type of collar for dogs with unique body types, such as those with wide or large necks and small heads.

Examples of these types of dogs are pugs, bulldogs, and other similar breeds. What usually happens is that such a dog is sometimes able to escape from their leash by backing out their body from the collar.

Dogs with fluffy fur, like chihuahuas or Pomeranians for example, also experience this phenomenon.

Their smooth and silky hair sometimes makes it easy for them to slip out of an ordinary collar. With a martingale collar, such problems are solved.

Thus, this type of collar helps enhance the safety and security of your pet, especially in the outdoors.

Buying a martingale collar online

The great thing these days is that it is very easy and convenient to get collars such as a martingale collar online.

A great supplier is one that is able to customize a collar for the needs of your particular pet. Remember that not all dogs are the same, and as such, standard collars may not fit your pet perfectly.

When choosing or buying a collar online, ask for recommendations on the type and width of collar that will suit your dog.

You can also customize your collar with information about your pet and about yourself as the owner.

If you choose a collar with a metal buckle, for instance, you can have your pet’s name engraved on the buckle along with your name and contact information in case of emergencies.

You can also choose from a seemingly endless variety of colors and designs that will be nice for your dog while fitting into your budget as well.

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