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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an awesome toy for a baby that is starting to stand or is standing and is learning to walk. It is superbly designed to teach visual, auditory and tactile experiences for newborns up to the time they are toddlers. You can attach, detach and re-attach the components that makes this walker and dual toy as well. Its amazing features are as follows.this is the best seller on baby products category and have  4.5 star customer review.i high recommend this product for your.

Attractive Appearance

There are a ton of colors, shapes, textures, and sounds that are all perfectly set to entice a baby. This is absolutely babies’ go-to toy. Whenever they are bored or distracted, putting their backs on this toy always gets their attention.

product details:

  • 5 piano keys play music notes
  • 3 colorful spinning rollers
  • 3 shape sorters and light-up shape buttons
  • Telephone handset, spinning gears and open/close barn door enhance role play fun
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Flexible Operation
The flexibility promises the interaction with the toy is terrific. It can be pushed, pulled, climbed, hit, moved, flicked and everything. The square, circle, and triangle attachments are ingeniously made because not only can they be removed and reinserted into their designated slots, but inserting/removing rewards with a sound and the little tether to each piece has enough tension to catch a baby’s attention.

Dual function

Sitting as well as walking. You can detach the main unit so the baby can play sitting at one place or can be used as a walker when attached to trolley.

Sturdy Construction
It has a 90 degree square base with wheels so it is extremely difficult to tip over. There is a safety switch on the wheels for the start of walking time. This keeps it from sliding out from under the baby. A child can practice standing by pushing themselves up one extra level off the floor while still remaining relatively low to the ground.

Product Dimensions 
17.9 x 16 x 6 inches

There are no stoppers or emergency breaks on the wheels so for those who are worried that their little one will push and it will go forward, it will and it wont stop. But that is what it is made for.

This is perfect for the youngster who is sitting, crawling, and figuring out how to stand (i.e. “Sit-to-Stand”). Highly recommend for learning walkers. This product is absolutely great!

Haba Walker Wagon Review

Haba Walker Wagon helps children in learning to walk. The recommended age is from 10 months to 3 years. The simplicity of this extremely well-made walker with its sleek, easy-on-the-eyes design apparently will provide lots of fun for your kid to play with. The ability to control ease of rolling depends on ability of child who can use it to sit, stand on, push, carry items. When you are looking for the right walker, take this one. Here are features that make this product adorable.

Product Details:

  • The walker wagon aides children in moving
  • Includes seat to push your friend
  • And Beyond the seat Specially convenient pockets for toy storage
  • Sturdy construction, rubber tires on wood rims
  • Adaptable brakes to meet your needs


It all began in 1939 in Bad Rodach, Germany, with finely polished, colorful wooden toys, that were “finely sanded and polished wonderfully smooth, just right for tender children’s hands,” as the first catalogue emphasized.

Top notch quality

This product own sturdy construction, rubber tires on wooden rims and most important of all it is non toxic. Despite the lack of battery, it has no clacking alligators or produces other annoying noises. So you will find its unique charm that some cheap plastic toy or something with annoying clackers lack.the top notch quality will make it last through all of your kids or even pass it on to your next generation.

Heavy Body 

The walker is heavy enough (but still easy for the baby to push) to not tip easily, which is extremely useful when the children feel like they can run but they are not steady on their feet yet.

Adaptable brake

The brakes work very well and allow a lot of fine tuning to get the tension just right. When the baby is too young to push this, you can tighten the brakes to the point that the wheels will not turn at all, so he/she uses it as a sturdy piece to pull himself/herself up. Once he/she becomes more steady on his/her feet, you can loosen the brakes gradually.

Longer use time

Haba walker can be used as a wagon to carry toys and give little friends rides long after baby learns to walk. Plus, the simple design of this walker also will make it conducive to pretend play as your little gets older.

Versatile seat

It is an added bonus that it comes with a seat in the front. The seat promises you little kids to push their toys or doll around in and conveniently store the toys as a pocket, but this is a secondary and optional function and doesn’t detract from its main purpose which for now is as a walker

Product Dimensions:
20 x 14.1 x 16.1 inches ; 12.5 pounds

It is well-designed, and the finish is durable. So it is worth the price you will pay. It’s the kind of beloved toy that parents later save in the attic for the next generation

Chicco Walker Review

Chicco Walker is a perfect item which gives your little one some freedom to roam around the house before learning to walk and crawl. It requires 2 AA batteries which can last for 3 hours. It’s super cute and gender neutral. So if you are in want of a walker that allows baby to safely explore out of reach of most household objects, drawers, cupboards, etc and developes legs, this item is your wisest choice. The following is what makes the above sounds reasonable.

Product Details:

  • Promotes development with music and rhythm
  • Padded seat, removable for washing
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • 3 height adjustment settings for a customized ride
  • Brake pads to help prevent falls on stairs

Funny music tray
On the music tray lie the keyboard, drums, buttons, lights, sounds and rattles. The tray is excellent, and has such a variety of sounds and songs which are not too annoying or shrill sounding, either, like so many children’s toys. It is actually a little treat tray for your little mover and shaker. Plus, the music tray is removable, so it can become a tray for little toys or even snacks later on.

Multi-functional pads
The brake pads can prevent your little one from going over any changes in flooring, like stairs or a door jam. The seat pad which is removable for washing can guarantee a pleasant ride. So you don’t have to be bothered by the problem of safety and health.

Automatic brake
This walker has automatic brake that stops it from moving forward when the front wheel goes over a lip like the driveway.

Adjustable height setting
There are 3 height settings which allow the walker to be adjusted to with your baby’s growth. This makes it unnecessary for to buy anther one and saves money.

Foldable flat
It has folds flat for easy storage. So you don’t have to worry about the space it takes if you apartment is small.

Product dimension
32 x 32 x 25.8 inches

It is a great tool to help him develop his legs. It has adjustable seat, removable toy, safety bumper, and a reasonable price. In a word, a small investment that pays off in so many priceless ways.


Combi All in One Activity Walker Review

Combi All in One Activity Walker GT is such an adorable walker that provides a joyful and sweet walking experience for your little baby. It’s really nice and different from other walkers because it has a lockable bounce feature, anti skid pads, steering wheel with light and sounds and a attached fun mirror. If you are looking for a walker that can performs versatile functions, then this cute type should be your last choice.this is cool baby walker for you baby ,and have 5 color you  can choose. Let’s see the remarkable features of the product.

Easy to assemble
The product is easy to assemble, which takes less than 5 minutes. If you must store it you can easily unsnap the sides and put it up like that because you do not need tools to put this one together, it all snaps right in, so assembly and disassembly is really easy.

Comfortable seat
The seat with back padding makes it comfortable for you kid. Plus, a wipe able seat cushion makes it easy to clean, which is good for the little one’s health.

Lockable bounce
Lockable bounce has 3 adjustable height positions. You can lock the car down so it doesn’t move up and down (especially nice for shorter babies too so they can touch).

Decently qualified
It’s decent quality material, and seems to hold together just fine. It is very sleek and stylish and it built very strong with quality materials. It has no-skid pads on the bottom so it makes walking on hardwood very safe.The combi turns easily in any direction so that it can help baby get around the house.

Easily removed for feedings and snacks
There are snack and play tray under removable hood. You can take the hood off and feed your baby a snack right in it.

Plays cute songs and flashes on the steering wheel
The steering wheel lights up and plays different songs and also has a horn that sounds like a real car. Plus, the bright colored lights on the steering wheel always catch your baby’s attention and the buttons are very easy for him/ her to push and activate the music by himself/herself.

Product Dimensions
27.8 x 26.3 x 21.2 inches

It doesn’t look like a walker, it looks like a very attractive toy. This is recommended for children that can sit upright unassisted. It is a good buy because it suppose to be a jumper/walker/activity center all in one. This walker is a great investment!

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