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Imagine what a great joy it is for your baby to sleep in a spacious cradle where your baby can softly idle or soundly sleep! Made of solid wood, it not only offered your baby a stable and suitable place to take a nap, but it could change into a lovely seat to sit on. Safe and convertible as it is, it may be the perfect choice for your little kid. GLIDING CRADLE Is satisfying and convenient Most of the customers hold a positive attitude towards the product after using it.


  • 1) It is made of solid wood and it was packaged well. It came to us in perfect condition with no scratches or chips.
  • 2) It glides/swings easier than the ones I have seen in stores.
  • 3) It is a nice size, not too big not too small, I am planning to keep my son sleeping on it until he is a year old.
  • 4) You can lock it if you don’t want it to glide.
  • 5) I am sure my son will love to use it as a gliding chair when he is a little older.
  • 6) It was easy to assemble, it took us about 20 minutes to put it together.
  • 7) The confirmation page indicated that the package would be recived about 7-9 days after the order date however it reached us within 3 days.

Flat and slat version—more comfortable to sleep on
The Gliding Cradle(24.8 x 37.8 x 29 inches),weighing 35 pounds, was made in solid wood construction and was completely none toxic finish, which strongly guarantees your baby’s safety. Except for this, the marked feature of the Gliding Cradle lies in its flat and slat version—compared to the traditional cradles, it provided more spaces for the babies to sleep in, as if in a bed. When the cradle swings with an 18″ x 36″ x 1″ pad, it makes them feel more comfortable in a more spacious space and they tend to fall into sleep more easily and more soundly.

Convertible and easy to change—more than a cradle
The Gliding Cradle was convertible to a child’s love chair when it is needed. There is a Glider Mechanism with a safety stop on the cradle. It could turn from a swinging cradle into a stable chair for your baby to sit on in a short time when necessary. You pay for either a cradle or a chair’s price, but enjoy both the features of them at the same time!

The Gliding Cradle, is sold in three different colors: white, oak or cherry. You can choose whichever type you like. All of them, cost only $125.00.


Searching a baby cradle for your babies? Bewilderd by the various kinds of them? Never mind. Babybjorn Cradle must be your priority, as it is well armed with its unique advantages and beyond others’ reach.

Exquisite design
Compared with most cradles, Babybjorn Cradle may be one of the smallest but the most exquisite, 32.5 inches long, 24 inches wide, 6 inches high and 1 pound in weight. Babies may find it ample enough to enjoy their rolling on the bed and stretching as wide as they like. Besides, the Cradle can also accommodate some toys, which can accompany the babies all the time.

Lightness and hadiness
The Cradle just weighs in one pound, which is easily to lift up to anywhere by the adults, even the children can spare no efforts in raising it. If the parents want to take their babies from the bedroom to the living room, papa or mama can just lift it up to the shoulder and carry it to the destination without any effort.

Low Cradle
It is striking that the Cradle is not high, while it is designed on purpose in this way. Parents can observe the babies more conveniently when the Cradle stands right adjoining to their beds because as they lie on the bed, they only need to lean their heads a little forward rathen than sit up, thanks to the nearly horizonal level of the Cradle to the bed.

A Natural lullaby
Unlike other cradles equipped with a wooden surrounding bars, this Cradle is merely a bathtub-like container. However, you can dab the surface of the Cradle then it can produce some delicate sounds, which sounds like a soft lullaby, well lulling the babies into sleep. when the babies are crying or wailing, parents can also dab the surface to soothe the babies.

Easy cleaning work
Since the Cradle is rather tiny, it, therefore, defies any hard work in cleaning. When the Cradle turns a bit dirty, parents only need to rub the dirt away from the surface by means of a piece of cloth. If wanting to clean the Cradle thoroughly, parents can just take it to the bathroom and brush the surface as well as pour the water over the Cradle.

Sorelle Dondola Gliding Cradle - White

One of the high-remarks commodities is displayed on Amazon now, that is the Sorelle Dondola Gilding Cradle. Overweighing the other cradles in the following aspects, Sorelle Dondola Gilding Cradle is bound to earn lots of parents preference.

Scientific design
The Cradle is wide enough to hold the new-born babies and even his first intimate friends—-toys or dolls, because it is With 38 inches long and 22.5 inches wide. In addition, the Cradle is neither too low nor too high, 34 inches in height and slightly above parents’ waist, which well prevents them from bending their body too
much, thus causing tiredness.

Flexible casters
Although the Cradle is a giant stuff, yet it is not a problem in moving the Cradle due to the four flexible casters. Little as they are, yet they can sustain the weight of the Cradle together with the babies. When sustaining them, the casters can, meanwhile, enable the Cradle to move briskly, under parents’ pushing.

DIY design
Have you noticed the parallel bars around the Cradle There you can design something special for the Cradle by yourself. In summer, mosquitos may invade the realm of your baby and bite him. To avert such situation, a mosquito net can be put up above the Cradle, with its four corners tied to the bars. Besides, if you want to create some delicate sound such as a bell ring for your baby, you may also attach it to the it.

Guranteed quality
The Cradle may bestow you with its giant size meanwhile you maybe impressed by its firmness and steadiness. Actually, it is. The structure of the Cradle is pretty stable and strong because the whole Cradle is made up of solid pine, which well prevents it from separating or being broken. It can be one of the reliable shelters for the babies.
Three choices
Colors matter a lot when it is concerning the elegancy of a product. The Cradle, without no doubt, is one of the most classical and graceful cradles when it is in cherry color. In natural color, the Cradle turns to an ordinary kind, however, still revealing some special features, mainly about frugality. The last one, white Cradle, seems holy because of the reflecting and flawless surface.

Dream on Me Rocking Cradle

When sleeping on the Dreaming on Me Cradle, along with the slight swinging, the baby is like floating on the Moon River, surrounded by the velvet nursery rhyme. With its attractive arch design and the comparatively reasonable price as well as the rhythmic swinging, it may serve as your child’s ideal cradle bed.

Attractive design and practical use
The Dream on Me Rocking Cradle (38 x 22 x 32.5 inches), weighing 15pounds, was designed with the unique attractive arch on both sides. Armed with four stable legs, the Dream on Me Rocking Cradle sways in a gentle rocking way perpetually and comfortably. Its clumber pad and the non-toxic finish make it an ideal place for your baby to take a sound sleep.

Made of logs, it feels cooler for the babies to sleep in especially in summer. And it is very easy to assemble, only takes you a couple of minutes to finish it. Compare to other types of cradles, it is not only practical but easier to manipulate.

More styles to choose
When the babies have slept, you can lock the supporting pins and change it into a stationary position, providing the babies a completely stable bed. Except for the natural wooden color, the Dream on Me Rocking Cradle has other options like cherry, pecan and ivory white. There must be one that can devour your taste.

It is especially recommended for the newborns 20 pounds or until your babies can roll from side to side or push up. You may decorative the cradles with some bells or toys at both the head and the footboards etc, just whichever personal style your babies favor.

Here are some customers’ comments concluded after using the cradle, it can be listed as below:

    • it does not smell like chemicals at all, hard to find since we also received a crib the same day that stinks to high heavens along with others that we have seen. And the finish is Non-toxic.
    • It looks wonderful when put together. The finish is great, not brittle or grainy. It’s smooth and solid. Third, it was totally east to assemble.
    • it just looks fabulous when it’s all set up.
    •  it is probably the most suitable choice for you among so many kinds of other cradles!

DaVinci Baby Cradle Review

Baby Cradle. With its comparatively width as well as cotton-like soft bed and the swinging cradle, DaVinci Futura Baby Cradle is bound to be the best choice for the babies.DaVinci Futura Baby Cradle really is easy to assemble, that is a plus, but it’s not precisely going to wow you with its sturdiness. Although I realize that it is supposed to hold an infant, a bit more rigidity would be good. I never just like the way the legs appear to wobble a bit once you rock the cradle. The alignment appears a bit bit off, too – the sleeping location and also the legs are slightly skewed.

Considerable dimension
With 42 inches in length, 22.5 inches in width, 37 inches in height and 17.5 pounds in weight, the Cradle can be regarded as a paradise for the babies, as the babies can stretch out themselves as much as they like. Besides, babies can spend the whole day playing with their toys because the Cradle is wide enough to hold them.

Fluent mobility
The Cradle is armed with four lockable wheels, which enable it to move anywhere and also to be stuck to the floor when the wheels are locked. If the parents want to let their babies attend the get-together TV show, they can push the Cradle slowly to the living room. To let it be stable, parents can just lock the wheels.

Swinging Cradle
The Cradle is hung on the air with both sides stuck to the bars by bolts. Therefore, unlike other firmed cradles, it can be swung by the parents once their babies are crying bitterly. Babies will easily calm down because of the soft swinging of the Cradle. At the same time, parents can also sing some lullabies following to the rhythm of the swinging.

High-quality materials
The Cradle is made of high-quality materials, basically all the components being wood. The wood is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood, which is bestowed with the tougher and firmer characteristic. In addition, the lead and the phthalate is safe, non-toxic contained. The Cradle have met the ASTM safety specifications, therefore it is reliable.

Convenience for cleaning
Every furniture needs cleaning for some time, so does the Cradle. However, in striking contrast to the sofa, television or others, it spares less effort to clean the Cradle. You can take away the bed beforehand and then wash the surface from the top to the bottom. Presumably, tt takes merely less than 30 minutes to finish the cleaning.
Limitted but elegant choice

Although there are only two choices for the Cradle, Ebony and Espresso, yet either of them are of elegance. The dark color oozes a solumn and serious characteristic, compared with the ordinary color such as yellow, red and etc.

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